Wetsuits for all?

Wetsuits for all?

As I search the pages of Google, surf brands, budget sports brands, high end sports brands and more, I realise that finding a wetsuit, if you’re not a size 0-14, is hard.

And, I began to feel disheartened, fed up, a bit resentful I’m not a lithe Victoria’s Secret Model, and as if the sports I like doing aren’t really for people like me. I do not feel welcome. But, I like being in the sea, I want to get fitter, where are the brands for people like me?

Today’s post takes a conversational turn away from the normal reviews, guides and tried and tested bits of #KitForYourTrip.

But, it poses a good question to my fellow curvy people who love travel and sports. Where are the inclusive wetsuits?

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