A guide to artisan UK Flour Mills currently delivering

A guide to artisan UK Flour Mills currently delivering

Find the essential ingredient for baking with this guide to UK flour mills across the UK.

Lockdown has driven us to literally live our best Great British Bake Off lives. Have you been whipping up banana bread, pancakes and loaves? Because I have.

Flour is rarer than gold dust. Even Attenborough is impressed when he spies the lesser spotted bread flour.

It took me three weeks to get one bag of flour and it was the last one on the shelf.

That’s when it hit me, I need to go direct to the source.

Not having any luck at the supermarket finding flour? Well, have I GOT YOU!

I have put together the little black book of artisan UK flour mills selling by region.

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Sports fans, I need your help!

So, it’s that time. The dissertation deadline is looming and it’s time to conduct some good old primary research! Oh yeah, for those of you not in the know, I’m a Public Relations Masters Student…I really need to write my ‘About Me’ section!

If you could take 5 minutes to help me out that would be fantastic…

Do you like the FIFA World Cup, the Tour De France or the Commonwealth Games?

If so, I would be incredibly grateful if you could fill out one (or more!) of the surveys below for my Masters Dissertation.

Each survey takes approximately 5 minutes (15 questions per survey).

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