How to make Mince Pie Twists

How to make Mince Pie Twists

We’re all in the thick of it, aren’t we? We’re in the final countdown to Christmas. Wrapping presents, the final shopping trips and of course, some festive baking.

This year I’m off to Australia so I haven’t really had the chance to do much baking this year. Unfortunately everything has been channelled into getting packed and ready for our trip!

So consequently I’ve been looking for a fast and furious festive bake that I can put together in the space of 20 minutes. Thankfully Twitter came to my rescue with a recipe from Jus Rol for some mince pie twists. Here’s the recipe and my first bash at making them.

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Creative Campaigns #7 – Brands that have piggy-backed on the Oscars 2017 best picture mix up

Creative Campaigns #7 – Brands that have piggy-backed on the Oscars 2017 best picture mix up

The Oscars mix up for best picture has been all over the news and under the lens as the media exploit the disappointment of La La Land and triumph of Moonlight.

The real winner in this woeful tale are the amazing campaigns brands have come up with at lightning speed.

So I pick up my feature ‘Creative Campaigns’ with some brilliant PR piggybacking and advertising thought up by some wonderful creatives. Let’s have a look at what they came up with…

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Oh it’s all About.Me…

Oh it’s all About.Me…

No this really isn’t all about me, promise!

Your own personal branding can have a massive effect when applying for jobs as savvy employers head straight to Google to find out about their applicants. I’ve been doing a tidy up of my digital footprint, so I know exactly what people see when they search for me.

Recently at University we have been encouraged to think about our personal brand and expand our online presence. Most of the reccomended methods such as Facebook, WordPress and Wix I already knew about, but then on the list I saw I hadn’t heard of it before, so I decided to check it out and do some research. is a like a snazzy interactive online business card, in the form of a one-page-wonder mini website. It takes all of your contact details, social media and anything else you are involved in and plonks it all neatly and concisely in one place providing a professional gateway to your life online.

I’ve just launched mine…


or have a look here…

The beauty of it is that it’s quick. It took me about 20 minutes in total to set it up and you don’t have to be a techie, it guides you through step by step. They even offer some free business cards (as long as you cover the minimal postage and packaging! Bargain!). It has a rigid template, offering a recognisable site structure, but the pictures, colours, font and all the other aesthetically pleasing things are yours to define. Plus you only have to remember one short address and all your details are there for the person you would like to stay in contact with.

It’s quick, profesional and easy to use, just what you need in the PR business!