The #StartingOut Series – Ella Minty

The #StartingOut Series – Ella Minty

PR powerhouse Ella Minty is sharp, smart and savvy, and she’s the one you’d want on your team if things go pear-shaped.

Ella has almost 20 years experience in various public relations roles and currently works as a management consultant, specialising in risk and reputation management.

If you’re starting out in public relations, Ella is exactly the sort of practitioner you should be following. She’s engaging on social media and regularly blogs about relevant and interesting topics.

Reading her comments and advice on PR issues will give you valuable insight into the industry. It will also give you a good steer on how to deal with certain situations you’re likely to come across in your career.

In this interview for The #StartingOut Series find out why Ella won’t let gender be a challenge to her in PR and why she’s all about admiration not inspiration.

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