Love Island – yeah, yeah you’re fit but, my gosh don’t you know it!

Love Island – yeah, yeah you’re fit but, my gosh don’t you know it!

Leave it out, I could do without the hassle surrounding what I’m about to announce. I’ve only got room in my life for love and support, ok?

I have finally given in and am watching…Love Island. It’s totally shit, trashy tv gold that has lured me away from Netflix even if it’s just for one hour a night. Continue reading “Love Island – yeah, yeah you’re fit but, my gosh don’t you know it!”

What do you love? A Valentine’s Day post for everyone

What do you love? A Valentine’s Day post for everyone

I’ve been through the Valentine’s Day rollercoaster of emotions, being single and dreading it, being single and not minding it, going out with friends and loving it, being with a fella who ignored it, being with a chap who went over the top on it and finally getting to the stage of not caring about it.

Wherever you are with your feelings about Valentine’s Day share with me the things you love. I’ve decided to go American and use Valentine’s Day to tell you about five things I love and am thankful for. It would be great if you did the same so we spread some positivity and some smiles to faces.

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Don’t be part of the bae’ing mobs!

Don’t be part of the bae’ing mobs!

Ah, the rise of ‘bae’. Sorry, I have to be honest, I hate it. It’s not for me, I do not care for it and I know this instantly ages me in to the ‘mum’ category of not rolling with the times because I think it sounds ridiculous. Who’s with me?

Ok, ok, I know I may not be able to stop the evolution of language and all those marvellous progressive points you are about to make. But, you may be asking what has caused me to finally write about ‘bae’?

Today I was driving home from work and it was being discussed on the Radio One. The drive-time host, Greg James, brought a revelation in to my life, ‘bae’ actually has a meaning.

Before Anyone Else

Am I the only one who did not know this? (Stop shouting yes at the top of your lungs!) If you didn’t know what it meant then do not fear. I didn’t either and I’m not part of an older generation, living under a rock or afraid of anything that is new! It is used in a similar way to babe, which is what I originally thought when the word first graced my ear drums. Babe, as a term of endearment doesn’t need shortening anyway!

Urban Dictionary has some hilarious definitions for ‘bae’…

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 19.46.33

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 19.46.51

If you are fond of the word and want to use it, then make sure you keep if away from anything professional. I’ve seen it used a couple of times and it goes down like a lead balloon and makes you look like a rookie, again this is applicable to any profession. It is the epitome of unprofessional, so keep it away from your work life.

My next issue with ‘bae’ is that actually this is an acronym and technically when it is written it should be in capitals…


I’m pretty sure there should be some full stop’s in-between those letters too!

It turns out that loads of words like this are actually acronyms, some that are well known in our culture and others that are not. I found a fantastic list of 25 frequently used acronyms on a website called Mental Floss, read the article here.

So whether you love it or hate it, at least you know what it means now!