Takeaway Pizza From Arty Stan in Southampton

Takeaway Pizza From Arty Stan in Southampton

Arty Stan is an independent that’s flourished from the darkest depths of the pandemic bringing much joy to Southampton’s food scene.

The person behind Arty Stan AKA Jay is slinging ZA’s (pizzas, obviously!) from his Ooni (amazing super hot pizza oven) in the garden of his home, tinkering with all kinds of dough and topping recipes. And, what a breath of fresh air he is.

It took me a while to get a slot with Arty Stan because…EPIC PIZZA ALERT! Yes, sorry to spoil it straight away but, the pizzas are something else so, it’s literally no surprise that Southampton residents, and us a little bit further out, are clamouring at his door selling out his pizza time slots. (Yes I’ve already booked my second sitting in a few weeks time, do I care about the wait? ER, NOPE! It’s nice to have something to look forward to.)

Read more about why Arty Stan’s rocketed to the top of my favourite pizza in Hampshire list…

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