CREATIVE CAMPAIGNS #36 – Marks and Spencer’s Love Sausage

CREATIVE CAMPAIGNS #36 – Marks and Spencer’s Love Sausage

How do you wish your loved one a Happy Valentine’s Day? With a Love Sausage of course!

Turns out that a cheeky Valentine’s Day innuendo from the one of the nation’s favourite retailers is what cut through all the noise last week in the PR world.

Take a look at Marks and Spencer’s Love Sausage!

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Libertine Don Giovanni seduces Southampton through song

Libertine Don Giovanni seduces Southampton through song

The libertine, the seducer, the swine! Don Giovanni flirted his way right into the hearts of the crowd, with the third in the series of the rabble rouser operas, at the Mayflower Theatre.

The Welsh National Opera held a trio of Italian operas at the iconic Southampton venue from some of the world’s greatest composers for its Spring season.

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The art of PR piggybacking

The art of PR piggybacking

Piggybacking in public relations is where a brand capitalises on an event or situation or another brand to generate awareness.

A very famous example was when the brands released adverts and social media posts during the black out of the Super Bowl. Oreo was one of the best piggybacks with ‘You can still dunk in the dark’ which went out via social media.

Now public relations for a hotel’s isn’t always the most exciting out there, but in January 2016 Adare Manor Hotel got the best out of this everyday situation.

It’s often a way to turn a situation to your advantage to get some added value and public relations that you wouldn’t usually get. Let me show you a cracking example…

About a month a go a little girl left her stuffed bunny at a hotel in Adare, Ireland. The Hotel documented the bunny’s stay until she was reunited with her owner. I think the best way to show how this through the Facebook posts from the staff at the hotel. As you will see the cute bunny’s exploits at the hotel soon went viral!

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All’s well that end well, plus it’s some pretty fun PR!