Winter Solstice at Stone Henge 2018

Winter Solstice at Stone Henge 2018

You can travel the world but some of the most awesome adventures really are right on your doorstep.

I joined the Pagans, Wiccans and Druids, for the magic of Winter Solstice, and it was the perfect end to 2018 and a way to totally re-energise for 2019.

Heading to Stonehenge in Salisbury for the solstice celebrations, made me feel spiritual, present and connected.

In many ways this experience helped me in ways I can’t ever thank it for. Yes, it sounds totally hippy but, it really healed some wounds and besides that, it was a truly incredible experience.

If you’re looking for epic experiences in the UK, this has to be on your list.

Take a look at my trip in 2018…

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