Monmouth Coffee at Borough Market

Monmouth Coffee at Borough Market

I love coffee, ok, that’s an understatement. Over the years my obsession with coffee, and different ways of brewing it, has grown exponentially and it’s a part of my day that I look forward to. It’s a warm, satisfying and comfortable pick me up that works whatever the season.

Are you a coffee fiend too? If you haven’t tried Monmouth before this post might give you a new coffee shop to head to when you’re next in London!

Monmouth Coffee is hands down my favourite coffee roasters. It’s been my number one for over six years years and I always get a large stash of coffee when we head to its HQ at Borough Market. Two of my favourite things Monmouth Coffee and Borough Market – a total match made!

Get your peaky blinders round this stellar coffee joint on the corner of my favourite market…

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