Swing by Coffee Saloon for a caffeine fix

A big shout out to Coffee Saloon, a local independent that is producing excellent tea and coffee in Poole, Bournemouth and Weymouth.

If you’re in the area swing by for a coffee, it won’t disappoint.

Regular followers to the blog will probably realise now how much I like coffee – if not, hello, I’m Bex and I am a coffee addict. I’ve loved coffee for about 20 years and will always find an excuse to squeeze a cup in during the morning, the evening, with friends, with syrup, crazy Christmas versions and everything that falls between.

The Coffee Saloon logo!

I first discovered the Saloon in the summer¬†when I needed a caffeine fix before we headed to a blogging event. I had a delicious iced coffee and marvelled at the routin’ tootin’ decor before heading out to look around Old Town Poole.

I was chuffed to have found a local independent serving excellent ‘proper’ coffee and I knew it will be one of those spots that I’ll seek out whenever I’m in the area.

A photo I had to borrow from the website – sorry Coffee Saloon!

Annoyingly all my pictures from my visit to Coffee Saloon corrupted. Not cool! Pixelated coffee art doesn’t look good and I’m gutted I don’t have my delicious drink to share with you. But, I won’t let that stop me, here’s an image from the website that looked very similar to what I had when I visited!

The food looks excellent, especially the cakes and I’d love to go back and try more on the menu as it all looked delicious.

Coffee Saloon, I will be back for a coffee, cake and to replace those pictures I lost – keep an eye out for me!

If you’re in any of the areas near a Saloon it’s worth making the trip to go, bypassing the corporate chains and supporting local!

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