Sweetie darling, it’s absolutely fabulous!

Wheels on fire, rolling down the road!

Absolutely Fabulous is back and bigger than ever as it hits a cinema near you this summer.

The reason I’m posting about Ab Fab is that I guess it was my first introduction to the concept of public relations. They were a completely over the top, champagne swilling, extravagant, ridiculous, faux drug-fuelled duo producing comedy gold. The Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley double act made me laugh until my sides were sore and I was always doing comedy sketches with my friends trying to impersonate them both. I’m not sure my first impression of PR was very good at all in fact, oh how the tide has turned!

This program certainly wasn’t my inspiration behind going in to PR, that came much later, but it was an early introduction of some sorts. It made me wonder how other people discovered PR, what their first views of it were and what inspired them to then go in to PR. If you feel like sharing (because sharing is caring!) pop me a comment about your very first introduction to public relations.

3 thoughts on “Sweetie darling, it’s absolutely fabulous!

  1. LOL! I watched ABFAB for years, not realising that what I was doing in my professional career in-house would ever remotely be described as “PR”. As much as I liked the programme, it has led to a lot of misconceptions about PR.

    I didn’t make a conscious decision to “do PR”- I just wanted to solve problems for companies and organisations, and then realised that most of them related to poor communication and strategic thinking.

    As ever, a thought provoking post.

    1. Thanks Catherine! I agree on the misconceptions of PR comment. That TV show did not help the image of public relations. Let’s see what the film brings to the table!

      It took me a while to figure out that what I wanted to do was called PR too, as you very well know!

      I hadn’t thought about it for years but, the longer I thought about the film, coupled with the Meet the Professionals
      Event at Solent University, the more it has got me thinking about differing introductions and routes in to the PR industry. It’s so varied and I find it fascinating. Motivation and inspiration are such powerful subjects.

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