Street Food at Outside-In Portsmouth

ᵃᵈ Portsmouth’s warehouse street food venue has been a total hit since it opened last year. It’s a favourite of mine because of its chilled dining vibes, fantastic food and great entertainment.

Outside-In regularly changes up its independent street food vendors and there’s some new offerings added into the eclectic mix to try.

I was invited to review the food court and it laid on what can only be described as an epic feast!

If you’re in the city and looking for something that’s a little different, you need to head here, take a look why…

I arrived at Outside-In ready to join Southampton Bloggers for a fun Sunday lunch to discover the street food vendors.



I love the whole concept of Outside-In, it’s a specially curated range of international street food vendors serving up superb dishes in an informal dining setting all while being a plastic free environment. It’s a triple threat!

There’s the added bonus that if you don’t fancy what your friends are having, you can have something completely different or an entirely different style of food. Plus you can mix and match different dishes and not be judged for having Venezualan fries with your Jamaican jerk chicken!

It’s a really effective set up, the kitchens are on display so you can see the food being cooked and there’s a wonderful selection of local drinks.

Colourful umbrellas hanging from the ceiling over a bar and stage area with lots of hanging indoor plants and local street art decorates the walls.

The lovely owner April introduced herself, the concept and the vendors after we’d arrived and settled in.

New Street Food Vendors

In total there are six street food kitchens and three of them have recently changed. The original vendors are Dumpling Dumpling, Arepa2Go and One Tonne Burger Co. New to the fold are Natty’s Jerk Kitchen, Breeno’s Kitchen and The Panormus Pizzeria.

Get a cup of tea, and maybe a snack, and sit down for a good ten minutes because the food photos are about to begin and they come thick and fast!

*Spoiler Alert* – you may get hungry after this post!

Natty’s Jerk Kitchen


What an addition to Outside-In, I am obsessed with Caribbean food after several trips to the islands in the past couple of years. Plus one too many trips to Notting Hill Carnival for London’s best offerings.

Vegan cauliflower wings!
Vegan cauliflower wings!

Chef Nat X brings family recipes and uses authentic Pimento wood, directly sourced from Jamaica, to smoke the chicken. And honestly, it’s SO worth it. That chicken is totally incredible.

A Jamaican staple that’s served either sweet or savoury – I didn’t catch the name but they had a dough like texture and were covered in icing sugar.

We tried so many things including the vegan cauliflower wings, the chicken wings, waffles and the pickled apple and mango slaw.

Natty's Goat Fries - fries topped with goat curry.
Natty’s Goat Fries

My favourite dish was the ‘Goat Fries’, goat curry topped fries, and I honestly thought this would be my least favourite. The goat just fell apart and the spices were tasty instead of hot, it was really good.

Although the chicken wings were comfortably up there too, I could easily demolish a whole plate of these and will do so next time!

The kitchen of Breeno's Kitchen at Outside-In Food Court

Breeno’s Kitchen


I’ve never had Indo-Pak cuisine before, it’s street food from India and Pakistan, and I didn’t know what to expect. But, I need not have worried it was delicious.

We tried so many dishes that totally took me by surprise. Jumbo platters were presented with samosas, Puri’s, onion bhajis, chicken pakoras, currys, Seekh Kebabs and chutneys.

My favourite were the masala fries, think cut chips topped with sauces, spice and pomegranate seeds, and the Seekh Kebab, a blend of chicken thigh mince meat and herbs that was so succulent!

The Panormus Pizzeria


Say hello to a pizza bass made with Italian sourced ingredients which give it great flavour!

Thin big slice pizza is always good! One half was mushroom and the other parma ham and it was so thin and cheesy.

I adore pizza and I need to go back and try some of the other toppings because there’s alway room in my life for pizza.

One Tonne Burger Co


This popular London burger company is bringing much joy into my life. These burgers are monster, proper beasts that will see the hunger away while scratching that itch for a really delicious burger.

The one with the little chips on top is the the ‘Home Run’ Burger which has two onion Smashed Patties, American Cheese, Shoestring Fries, Black Truffle Mayo with iceberg lettuce.

I’ve wanted to try one for ages and honestly it lived up to the hype my brain had given it. Next time though I will not be sharing one of these, oh no sir, I shall be scoffing one to myself.

With names like ‘The One’ and the ‘USP’ these big eats look, sound and taste epic. The beef is a minimum of 35 day dry aged and a blend of certain cuts, perhaps this is the secret to what makes their flavour so good!

And yes, when you put the picture on Instagram all your friends will be jealous and asking you where you got it from!



I discovered Arepa2Go last year and had Venezuelan food for the first time. Arepas are little corn filled pockets that are so yummy, this one was filled with plantain but I like the one with beans and meat called La Caracas.

For me the stand out dishes are the Tostones, I don’t know how to describe these it’s little round fried slices of plantain with coleslaw, grated halloumi and pink sauce. Honestly it doesn’t sound as good as it tastes. Get these to share and be converted to the wonderful world of Tostones!

Oh and don’t forget to get yourself some feta topped fries – I think the green sauce is Guasacaca a blend of coriander and avocado.

Get these fries to share, they are HUGE!

Dumpling Dumpling


Want a Chinese dumpling with a fusion twist? Well that’s where Dumpling Dumpling step in and do it so well!

We were treated to the biggest platter of dumplings with unique flavours like the Mac n Cheese dumpling.

The noodles and fries were great too, and I would have eaten more but I’m allergic to spring onion so I picked off the onion so I could give it a try. Why didn’t I mention my onion allergy before I went, I don’t know, it was really silly of me!

My favourite dumplings were the beef Bourguignon and the vegan duck which as a meat eater had me totally fooled! I really thought it was duck!


If you’re not familiar with Portsmouth’s Outside-In Foodcourt, you’ll find it just off of the Guildhall area down Middle Street.

It’s not the easiest place to find if you’re not local to the area. Your best bet is to park in the car park opposite or get the train to Portsmouth and Southsea and walk the 10 minute walk using Google Maps to guide you.

But, trust me, it’s totally worth finding because the food is awesome as you can probably tell if you’ve made it this far through the post!

They also gifted me a beautiful little cactus from Thistle & Ivy which is lovely reminder of such a fun lunch

A big thanks to April and the team at Outside-In Food Court for a truly spectacular feast. I had a wonderful time and being able to try a little bit of everything has given me some great ideas for what I want to eat next time.

Like this? Read my review from when I visited for the first time and see the previous set of food vendors.

‘Outside-In Serves Up Street Food in Portsmouth’

Ad* – Gifted meal review. BUT, all opinions are my own otherwise what’s the point? No seriously, honest opinions are a must.

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