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The second person to be interviewed for The #StartingOut Series is award winning blogger, vlogger and influencer Brogan who runs Brogan Tate.
Here she shares her top tips for PR professionals and bloggers #StartingOut in the industry.

About Brogan
Hello! I’m Brogan. I’m a 23 year old blogger and vlogger living in Bournemouth. I started my channel and written blog together in May 2011, and since then, have won 5 awards including Cosmopolitan UK Influencer’s Choice Award, Best For Beauty and The Blogger’s Blog Awards Best Vlogger. I’ve worked with brands such as M&S, Homesense, IKEA, Cineworld, Citroen, icelolly Holidays and many more, and produce weekly vlogs, hauls, travel, advice and everything in between! I love theatre, living by the beach, all things Disney and a good cup of tea.
In the early days of your blog how did you first start building a relationship with PR practitioners?
At the beginning, I was luckily enough for PRs to find me, as the blogging industry wasn’t as saturated as it is today. I noticed a few followed me on Twitter, so I followed back and and we got talking. I then started attending events, and being invited to product launches and parties, where I’d always take the time to network and thank the PR in person for inviting me. I’ve previously worked in sales, retail and customer service, so I’m not afraid to build relationships with brands and PRs. I have some great connections now which I’m really proud of.
What would be your tops tips for bloggers  who want to build a relationship with PR professionals?
People work with people, so take the time to thank PRs if they’ve sent you a product or invited you somewhere. If you’re trying to get noticed, draft an email that you can send and reuse. Something short and sweet where you can introduce yourself, attach your media kit and ask to be added to any PR or mailing lists they might have.
What mistakes do PRs make when working with bloggers?
Mistakes happen and we can always learn from them, but the only time I ever seem to have any problems, is if/when the PR hasn’t taken the time to properly check out my platforms. I’m often approached by PRs for brands which simply don’t fit or suit me, but a simple 10 minute scroll through my blog or 5 minutes of watching my latest video would really save time in knowing if I’m a good fit.
What do you think the biggest challenge is facing PRs and bloggers who work together at the moment? 
Trust. My best work has always been when the PR has allowed me some level of flexibility and put their trust in that I’m going to produce something which they’ll love. It’s important to me that it blends nicely into my current content, and doesn’t feel forced, but I always meet the brief too. I’ve worked with one brand five times this year because they love what I do. At the beginning, their brief was so detailed and precise but now, they give me the reins to make the content work for everyone. We’ve built such a great relationship, that we’re currently discussing a potential year long partnership.
Do you have any advice to PRs who face this challenge?
It all comes down to communication. It’s really frustrating when a PR doesn’t make it clear what they want, or alternatively, is far too controlling over the content. It can be quite challenging getting the balance right, but I always give a brief script or idea for what I think will work best, and make sure we both agree. It’s all about meeting in the middle, and being clear from the very beginning.
My last full time role before freelancing and taking my blog full time, was the Marketing Manager for a large drinks company. I’ve been on the other side in terms of PR, so I can definitely appreciate the hard work which goes into in. My final advice would always be, if in doubt, pick up the phone and have a chat. A simple call can often resolve any issues, and for bloggers, always taken the time to say thank you. Manners go a really long way. I’ve made some great friendships with PR’s, some of which have moved agencies and still stayed in touch for their new clients and brands.

A huge thank you to Brogan for being the second to be interviewed for The #StartingOut Series. My apologies to Brogan who kindly did this interview with me before Christmas – I vanished off to Australia and didn’t manage to get it up on time!

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