Starbucks’ annual Holiday cup PR stunt 2016

Disappointment is surging through the Internet like wildfire. There’s been a lot of anticipation brewing from coffee fans regarding what this year’s Starbucks holiday cup will be adorned with. It hasn’t even been released yet.

A limited edition community cup has sparked outrage that this could be Starbucks’ Christmas offering…

Could Starbucks throw tradition to the wind for a second year in a row? After the widespread upset caused by last year’s design you would have been forgiven for thinking that Starbucks might just play it safe.

Starbuck's 2015 holiday cup
Starbuck’s 2015 holiday cup

The community cup is green and covered in sketches of people and has been designed to celebrate community not Christmas. But, lots of people think this may be what Starbucks is offering this Christmas and as you might be able to predict, initial reaction shows it going down like a lead balloon.

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One simply states…


Don’t be fooled, this isn’t about community, this is just another seasonally well-timed PR stunt from Starbucks. Years ago when they started putting your name on the side of the cup that little PR gem was only to reduce incorrect orders, not because Starbucks actually wanted to connect with their consumers! Ah, but weren’t we all snagged by the gimmick?! (I was, and yes, I always try to get a fake or celebrity name on the side of my cup!)

I’m sure this community cup will score them tons of headlines and be the subject of many conversations achieving the desired reaction and PR coverage. However, I wonder just how far can they push their fan base until rather than fake fury real boycotting occurs? Or, does this only happen when they do really bad things like using legal loop holes to avoid paying tax…I fear I could be straying in to dangerous territory here. Don’t worry Starbucks, I’m a gingerbread latte addict. Only by getting rid of this could you turn me in to the dark-side, a non-Starbucks believer.

In the grand scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter if this is the Christmas cup or not…it’s all a bit of PR storm in a tea cup, or should I say coffee cup?

And who know what the actual cup will look like…

Rumour has it...
Rumour has it…

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