St. Giles Hill View Point in Winchester

St. Giles Hill offers breath-taking views of Winchester, literally and figuratively. The climb to the top is steep, it’s a lot of stairs but, totally worth it because of THAT view!

Tie this into a wider walk and you’ll see the city like never before, you’ll find everything you need to know in this post.


📍Winchester, SO23 0AD

To access St. Giles Hill you can park at the bottom of it at Chesil Street Multi Storey Car Park. There are roads to the top but no public parking (that I’m aware of) and I feel part of earning this view is the climb.

Come out of car park and turn right and head up Magdalen Hill and Alresford Road. You’ll quickly find a little route that cuts away from the main road on your left, sign posting to St. Giles Hill.

Then, get ready for the steps, all the steps and just when you think you’re there, yes, you guessed it, more steps. I need to get back to the gym. They killed me.

The View

I love seeing cities from different angles and St. Giles Hill allows you to do this. Team this up with a trip to the Westgate Museum to see literally the opposite view point at the other end of the high street.

Bex at the St Giles Hill View Point looking out across Winchester

At the top there’s a park and if you walk around it, there are different views of Winchester including a vantage point for looking at St. Catherine’s Hill.

Wider Walks

There great thing about St. Giles view point is that it’s so central. This means it’s a really easy to add in to wider walks around the city.

If you’re spending the day walking, consider adding it on to the start or end of the Winchester Water Meadows walk, a gorgeous walk that starts in central Winchester a minute walk from the Chesil Street car Park.

Read more about the Winchester Water Meadows walk.

This is just one walk but, a quick Google will literally find you plenty more routes that you can easily combine with this view point.

Make a day of it

If a long walk isn’t what you want to do with your day, after the climb to the top take in some of the city’s cultural offerings. You could combine it with some of the other museums in the city to make a fuller day out.

Within walking distance there is…

St. Giles Hill View Point

What a view, and a hidden part of the city that you might miss if you’re new to the city. I’d really love to head to this viewpoint for sunrise or sunset as I think it would be spectacular!

The more I discover my local area, the more lucky I feel. I know that’s cliche, right? But, the county is really beautiful with some fantastic places to discover.

Find out more about St. Giles Hill View Point on its website.

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