Sprinkle happiness with January’s Birchbox

Come and take a peek at the goodies in this month’s Birchbox.


This is my third Birchbox, and I’m still really enjoying discovering new things each month. It is also a really good opportunity to try and improve my photography. As you will see in the rest of this post, I have taken quite a few snaps trying different things out.

What’s in the box?
The open box!


In this box I received…


  • Nails inc. – Brook Street (full-size RRP £14)
  • Kebelo – Clarifying Shampoo (full-size RRP £13.95)
  • REN – Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask (full-size RRP £32)


  • Lord & Berry – Conceal-It Crayon in Beige (RRP £12)
  • Merci Handy – Chérie Cherry Hand Cream (£4.90)


My normal nails!
My normal nails!
I’m such a bad nail painter!



nails inc. – nail polish
Full-size RRP £14

The colour of this is amazing, and the pictures really don’t do this justice. The images of the nail colour above look more of a coral orange colour but it is definitely a pink.

The varnish applies well and it is lovely and shiny. It did start to wear and chip after a days wear, I managed to get two days out of it with a really good top coat.

For £14 I expected the product to last much longer and being more durable. But, saying that I never have much luck with normal nail varnish so I never expect to get much more than a day out of the polish.


The concealer is rubbed in to the skin above the heart

Lord & Berry – Conceal-It Crayon in Beige
Full-size RRP £12

I’m not sure this product is for me. That’s not to say it might not work for other people though. I think this concealer would cover some minor blemishes but it barely covers the one on my arm. I think it’s also too yellow for my skin, I think I’d need to try it in ivory to see if it was a better fit.

It was also not as easy as other brands to rub into the skin, it took a lot of blending to get it looking right. But, it wasn’t all bad, it did even out my skin tone very well and looked fairly natural once applied.

In the Birchbox leaflet it says it would work well on the cupid’s bow or beneath brow bones. I think this is a much better use for it, the concealer works far better as a highlighter.




Merci Handy – Chérie Cherry
Full-size RRP £4.90

The packaging smelt of sweet cherries so I was excited to try this cream out. Unfortunately the cream didn’t match the smell so I felt a little misled.

Instead it smells of very heavily of sweet perfume. If you didn’t like the smell I could imagine it to be a little overpowering.

The cream itself is of a good consistency and the little red balls are very satisfying to rub in and dissolve. It does take a fair amount of time to be absorbed.

I think I’ve been using a little too much and have got far better results when I use less. On the plus side, it’s so handy to put in your bag and take on your travels.


Kebelo – Clarifying Shampoo
Full-size RRP £13.95

This is such a good idea. With everything that I put on to my hair to be able to give it a detox is just what it needs. It also has an added bonus of smelling very fresh too.

After using the shampoo my hair felt so much cleaner, better and brighter. I am so pleased.

The instructions say to use it once a month. I think I will try it over the course of six months to see how effective it is over time and during different seasons.




REN – Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask
Full-size RRP £32

The first thing that hits you about the REN Renewal Mask is the smell. I hate to be negative, but I think honesty is the best policy on this one, it does not smell good. It’s a very strong smell that reminds me a bit of paint. Sitting out the ten minutes was hard work.

The mask itself, for the money, just wasn’t as good as I was hoping. If the smell was bad but the product was amazing I could see the justification. However, this was very disappointing compared to last month’s sample of dr. brandt PoreDermabrasion, which is outstanding.


This wasn’t the best box I’ve received so far but I’m happy to have found the shampoo and really love the colour of the nail varnish.

Have you got these products? Do you agree or disagree with my reviews? It would be great to know your thoughts on this months box.

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