Southampton strikes it right with new Hollywood Bowl!

Hollywood Bowl has rolled in to town with a bowling bonanza launch night. Off I went to see if I was the next Usain Bolt of bowling or if I’d spend more time hanging out in the gutter.

The new Hollywood Bowl is on the ground floor of Westquay
Even the carpet makes you feel like you are on the Hollywood walk of fame!
Large neon signs give a real American feel to the new bowling alley

I was delighted to be invited with the Southampton Bloggers to show off my absolutely abysmal bowling skills at the VIP launch.

Welcome to the new Hollywood Bowl
Welcome to the new Hollywood Bowl

A warm welcome was given by Marilyn Monroe on arrival. The impersonator brought a touch of Hollywood glamour to the event and extended the Hollywood theme to the launch party. It didn’t stop there, the whole interior of the new bowling alley was a homage to la-la land.

The beautiful ‘Marilyn Monroe’!

Later in the evening ‘Marilyn’ officially opened the alley with a count down and ceremonial ribbon cutting. Her witty remarks and soft American drawl got the audience’s attention to involve them in the official count down and press photograph.

Jarred @jxrroddan from Sonar and I having a go at bowling!

Bowling transcends age, I enjoy bowling as much now as I did when I was eight years old. There is nothing like a bit of friendly competition while catching up with friends and family.

It doesn’t matter that I couldn’t get the ball to go in a straight line down the lane, the experience was still fun. It was made even funnier that I’d seem to have lost any bowling talent I’d had as a child. I didn’t exactly come last but I was very close.

Bowling shoes!

Check out the shoes. Bowling wouldn’t be the same if your shoes weren’t red and blue lace-ups!

A VIP booth at the new Hollywood Bowl

Classic arcade games, an American diner and a bar set this bowling alley apart from its competitors.

The main lanes are great for catching up with friends or a date. But, if you’d like to up the ante there are special VIP lanes that would be perfect for a party or team building. These are slightly more secluded with their own booths and have a bit more space and specific staff to accommodate larger numbers.

The American Diner at the Southampton Hollywood Bowl
The American Diner at the Southampton Hollywood Bowl

The Diner serves traditional American fast food, burgers and hot dogs are the order of the day!

The main bowling area
Hans Solo!
Han Solo!

Hollywood Bowl has packages for all kinds of events, it’s best to contact them first to see which is best suited to your needs. Head over to to find out more.

Thanks to the whole team at the new Hollywood Bowl in Southampton for the invite. It’s time to let the good times roll!

That’s all folks!

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