Simple skincare gets a Korean influence

My skincare routine has definitely become more refined this year. I have my go to products that I really like and work so I’ve been trying less new products out. However this month I ran out supplies and was forced to make an emergency purchase which turned into a great new discovery!

Take a look at the new skincare products with a Korean influence from Simple

New Korean Releases

My emergency purchases were bought in a hurry, I hate doing this as I usually make poor choices and end up having to use a product that I hate for a really long time!

In my haste I picked Simple as I usually always have its light moisturiser as my good all-round, all-year, go to if my other creams are too heavy. I know the brand, I know it’s highly likely my skin won’t react to it and that it’s probably going to be reliable and not a waste of my money.

I needed reliability as I have sensitive skin and if you’re going to make a panic purchase, all of the previous considerations I mention above flash through your mind at 100 miles an hour!

Simple had just released its new skincare products that are made in Korea so I picked up the Water Boost Micellar Facial Gel Wash and the Water Boost 5 Minute Reset Hydrogel Mask.

Skincare Routine

In my normal skincare routine I use Lush’s Fresh Farmacy but I haven’t been able to get to a store to pick some up. I even used up the soap stash my gym bag and the one I keep in my travel toiletries bag. It’s a great cleanser but because I don’t live that near Lush I usually have to buy it in bulk!

The soap is great at calming my skin, removing the layer of dirt built up over the day and getting all my make up off. I use it with a Konjac sponge as it’s a lot better for the environment because its a natural plant.

This is why I tried to find something nice and neutral that would be just as good at taking my make up off while giving my face a good clean.

Face Wash

I’ve been using the Simple Water Boost Micellar Facial Gel Wash for a month now and it is a great all rounder! It’s brilliant to wash your face with and remove make up, it leaves your skin hydrated and not tight and dry and I’ve washed around my eye area with it and I’ve not had a single reaction to it.

Its consistency is slightly gel like and while it’s runny it’s not watery, and it doesn’t have any beads or pearls in it as it isn’t a scrub. You don’t need much of it, the size of a pea will be perfect for your face. It lathers up well and it doesn’t smell of anything, the lack of perfume is refreshing and Simple’s Micellar Gel Face Wash doesn’t have all the nasty dry side effects that come with heavily perfumed products.

I’ve not edited the pictures so you can get a clear idea of what the product actually looks like without filters – I hope this helps!

The face wash is clear and gel like, it’s runny but not watery.

I use it as the first step in my skincare process and have found it to be a great alternative. I really like it, and it doesn’t destroy the konjac sponges that quickly. Other face washes have totally destroyed my konjac sponge within a couple of uses making me wonder what the hell is in it!

I’ll definitely be keeping a tube of this as a back up in the future. The product is great, the packaging while aesthetically pleasing, it is plastic, and as you can’t easily control the amount coming out, I have tended to pour out too much onto my sponge when I use it. I’ve got a bit wiser now and try to be careful to dispense the right amount but it is a little tricky.

Face Mask

The Water Boost 5 Minute Reset Hydrogel Mask from Simple really surprised me, it’s unlike any facemark I’ve ever had before.

When you’re opening the packet but really careful, there’s a lot of excess serum that goes absolutely everywhere if you’re not careful! I ended up with a damp patch on my bed.

There’s lots of differences, the first I noticed was that the mask itself is a sheet mask but, it’s unlike any I’ve tried.

It’s a clear jelly texture full of face hydrating serum. It’s not rubbery in texture, it’s have to say it’s weirdly silky and I’d like to know what it’s made of I’m unclear whether the mask is plastic or not.

It’s just very soft, and a little bit harder to apply than a normal ‘paper’ sheet mask as it wobbles a bit – once on your face though it’s much easier to move around than a traditional sheet mask.

I’m not sure if it’s meant to feel cool but with the heat we’ve been having in the UK this summer, the mask felt very refreshing. I was worried that it’s texture might make it fall off my face but that wasn’t a problem at all.

The second thing that I noticed was that the mask was in two halves, this made the application of the mask much quicker as you weren’t trying to smooth out one giant sheet. It was a lot more manageable. I do understand that I’m contradicting my earlier comments, in some ways it was easier and other ways it was not. I think you’ll have to try it out to understand, as it’s quite difficult to describe.

There were nice big eye, nose and mouth holes, but there were also discs for the mouth and eyes that weren’t removed, I wasn’t sure if I was meant to shut my eyes and mouth and pop these on too. I could do with a demo or better instructions on the back of the packet!

I went on the Simple website but there was no video tutorial *hint hint* Simple’s PR and Digital Team – a demo on how to apply would be most welcomed!

I’ve tried to take some close up pictures of the mask to show you the texture and consistency clearly.

I personally found it much easier to apply the mask without the plastic cover that’s meant to help you put it on. The plastic sheeting was too heavy and dragged it down your face, once I had removed it the mask sat mush more easily on my face and was easier to move around.

Once the mask is applied, it does not look glamourous, it’s a little bit reminiscent of a melting face effect from a horror movie BUT, and this is a big but, it feels super luxurious and very hydrating.

The mask says to leave it on for five minutes but, it took me that long to put it on, so I let it sit on my face for 10 minutes.

Once the time was up, I peeled off the mask and rubbed in the remaining serum. Afterwards my skin was so soft and plump, and the next day I looked fresh which was a miracle as I’d slept so poorly because I was away on a work trip and my room was insanely hot.

While the application is a little bit of a faff, I liked the mask a lot and there’s lots more in the range, a cool charcoal looking one and a fruity one. I’m definitely keen to try them out.

If you’re a fan of a face mask, it’s worth trying this Korean offering from Simple for something different and very hydrating.

Have you tried it yet?

Let me know!

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