Second Cup arrives in Southampton *NOW CLOSED*


However, if you’d like to read about it please continue!

Canadian coffee house Second Cup has opened its doors in Southampton on the high street.

I popped over for a little caffeine fix and to check out the new store, come take a peek inside with me!

Second Cup is on the high street, opposite TK Maxx and just up from West Quay

Second Cup has only just recently opened and my boyfriend and I are big coffee fans, so this was the perfect after work treat!

The exterior is similar to Starbucks and Costa, floor to ceiling glass and warm welcoming lighting. Inside, it’s got lots of rich reds, greys and browns including natural materials like wooden walls and tables. Behind the till and coffee making area there’s a striking black tiled wall and low pendant lighting.

The counter at Second Cup

It’s got a familiar feel but it’s definitely new and the menu is huge. Everything from the ‘London Fog’, the weird connection of earl grey and vanilla frothy milk, to Italian influenced sodas, which I’ll definitely be trying when the weather warms up. Oh, and plenty of coffee!

There’s lots of lovely lighting in Second Cup

There is a lot of seating but there’s not enough comfy seating for my liking. It may sound picky but, when I have coffee and take the time to sit down in the cafe, it’s usually to relax and I want to be comfortable.

There’s lots of seating at Second Cup

There is a small area at the back that’s like a living room, it has a sofa and a couple of armchairs, a tv and a fire. This is my favourite part and I wish we’d been able to sit there (it was occupied when we got our coffees).

Second Cup has a section which looks like a living room!

The servers were really friendly, all had big welcoming smiles which was nice at the end of a long day. My boyfriend had a flat white and I had a latte, both were incredibly hot and super strong, like knock your socks off strong. My latte was fair smooth and only a little bitter, it made handling the strength of the coffee much easier. This is where you’d want to have coffee in the morning or mid-afternoon when you really need a pick up.

My boyfriend said his flat white was reasonably bitter. I’m not going to say that one was better than the other because it really does depend on what you like, it’s objective. Go try it and then you can make your own mind up!

Flat white on the left, latte on the right!

It’s over four hours later and I am still buzzing. Great coffee but, I’m wishing I’d asked for a one shot – I know for next time! Sleep isn’t coming any time soon. I’m feeling pretty wired – ha ha!

Second Cup coffee art will make the Instagram fans happy!

I’m so glad this opened up on the high street, we need more stores, shops and cafes to revive our city centre.

I’m going to go back as the menu is so big and there’s quite a few other drinks I’d like to try.

It will be interesting to see if Canada’s largest speciality coffee retailer grows to rival the American powerhouses of Starbucks and Costa in the UK.

Have you been to Second Cup in the UK yet? What do you think of it? Have any Canadians been to a UK Second Cup – what are your thoughts?

Doodles on the wall in Second Cup

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