Running with Roots

Zippin’ up my boots. Goin’ back to my roots. Yeah!
Ok, so this is not about the Odyssey dancehall classic.
In this case the boots are trainers and the roots are the newest vegetable blended drink from Roots Collective

Roots Collective kindly offered to send me some of their drinks to help me get back on track with my training.

I’ve recently pulled on my running shoes and am braving the heat of the streets to get fit again. It’s been a hard start back, so it’s been great to have something to boost my efforts.

These drinks are a great way of upping vegetable consumption and are a healthy way to fuel your body.

My favourites out of the range were Green Warrior and Garden Greens. They were really tasty and were just right to take the edge off when I was hungry. I’m not a fan of honey or beetroot which are in the other two flavours, so I didn’t enjoy them as much as the green drinks.

I think eating well is really important. I always cook from scratch using fresh vegetables and ingredients. Sometimes I find it really hard getting enough fruit and vegetables into my diet despite this though.

That’s why I think these drinks are great to grab on the go. Either to take to work or after a run it’s a quick and healthy go to.

Having one of these drinks before paddle boarding has been great at bridging the gap between lunch and dinner.

It’s been so hot lately that I’ve not always wanted to eat right away after the gym or running. Roots Collective has been a way to get something in my system immediately while the temperature is cooling down or while I’m cooking.

I’m always looking for ways to up my five a day and I’m very grateful to Roots Collective for sending me some drinks to help support my bid to get fit.

Have you tried Roots Collective yet? What helps you get back on track with your fitness?

If you’re interested in Roots Collective check them out at or on Instagram!

*PR sample – thanks Roots Collective for spurring my training on with a healthy alternative to support my immune system!

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