Register to vote #Election2017

Don’t worry, I’m not about to go on some political rant or try and bend your ear about my personal political preferences.

All I’ll ask is that you register to vote, and that on Thursday 8 June you actually go and vote.

You can register at…

Want to read up about #Election2017?

Here’s some handy articles I’ve collated to get your research underway…remember to be critical of everything you read, each newspaper has it’s own political bias.

If you want to read up on the pledges from the main parties The Guardian has put together this great, simple manifesto guide.

The Telegraph has rounded up Friday’s campaigning with this article – General Election 2017 briefing: Everything you need to know about Friday’s campaigning that contains a graph showing the daily poll predictions.

The BBC recently did an interesting piece using the General Election statistics from 2015 to understand what would happen if more young people voted. You can read it the article which is called Election 2017: If more young people actually voted, would it change everything?.

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