Pump up the volume! Facebook video now autoplays sound

As you scroll through your Facebook newsfeed videos now will automatically play with full sound.

Facebook’s aim is to capitalise on the social media advertising trend and offer users the chance to grab attention in yet another way.This has however cause much debate, Facebook’s research resulted in the majority of users saying that it improved their experience and they liked it. But, I’m not sure, it sounds really inconvenient and a bit of a bombardment. Imagine the embarrassment of a dodgy video with inappropriate sounds being broadcast when you are in a cafe, on the train or with your Mum? Awkward.

I hate the adverts online that instantly play a video message, I find them very annoying and I always mute them. I am not sure I see this as any different. Instead, this gives friends, family and brands a way of literally shouting out at you to be heard.

Don’t worry though you can easily turn the autoplay function off – phew!

Find out how at GottaBeMobile.com in this handy video.

2017 will see the rise of video content, and Facebook is jumping on that along with a whole host of other changes this year. You can read about Facebook’s other changes here on their online newsroom.

Other changes coming to Facebook this year are:

So, I throw this out to you Рwhat do you think? Is instant sound on video useful and good or bad and annoying? I think you know where I stand already!

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