PR Buzz Word #4: It’s

This is actually and more accurately the word that is being left out of sentences around the world. Messages have done away with ‘it’s’. Previously word dropping trends have been popular in northern England conversations and certain circles in London. It usually contains itself to a form of common vernacular. But, it seems the art of dropping out a key word has spread nationally through millennials and generation Z.


This is when ‘it’s’ is deliberately left out of a sentence to make a point or excuse.

We are no strangers to the manipulation of the English language and this is the latest sentence trend.

For example, “Treating myself, because payday.” or “Drinking champagne, because Thursday.”

It may be that dropping out ‘it’s’ has already naturally found its way in to your conversations or that you’ve noticed this change and don’t care for it. Either way the use or non-use of ‘it’s’ is a hot topic right now!

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