PR and blogger gift ideas for Christmas 2016

It’s that time of year already. The great Christmas present hunt begins. Here are some ideas to take some of the pressure off. Show the PR person in your life that you’ve thought about what might help them get through their working week.

For those with a lot on their plate…


Paperchase copper glitter mini vinyl 2017 diary – £8

Every November I religiously make a trip to Paperchase to pick up a new diary. This year, this sparkly number caught my eye. Normally I opt for a lovely black leather moleskin number, but this year my inner magpie couldn’t resist a bit of a switch up.

I’ve never really taken to online calendars. Paper makes a welcome change as I get really tired of looking at computer screens all day every day. A diary doesn’t run out of charge, and I can pop post-it notes on it.

This one is A5 and a page per day, but reliably Paperchase has various sizes and day variations if a different style is preferred. I can’t find this version online, I bought mine in store. Also, for the first time ever the bottom corner of each page tears off making navigation to the current date quick and easy. Paperchase describes it as ‘Perfect if you’re always on the go.’ and I completely agree.

Get it here


Paperchase personalised stationery – various prices

Paperchase now offer a personalisation service for a wide range of their diaries and notebooks. This would make a really thoughtful gift as anything can be written to customise it. Messages can be anything, a silly joke shared, a message of support or belief or a declaration of love. The possibilities are endless!

Get it here


For those who like to plan…


Sainsbury’s coral large desk planner – £4

It’s simple, it’s pretty and it gets 1000 post-it’s off your desk. Hooray for this gorgeous and affordable desk planner from Sainsbury’s. My friend at work picked this up the other week, I think you’ll agree she’s found a little gem there!  I am so happy these have some back in to fashion because they are so useful and I was fed up of scruffy DIY versions. This one was found in-store but the link below takes you to some other great alternatives, there’s a really pretty floral botanist one. Investigating online there are also places that offer similar ones in different colours and styles for both men and women.

Get it here


For when ideas hit like lightning…

screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-01-10-52 screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-01-11-04

Dot Creates blog planner notepad – £5

When an idea hits get it down straight away with this blog planner notepad. I really need one of these, I’m always scribbling notes on the back of an envelope or receipt. It’s also great for organising posts and making sure the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. A useful stocking filler!

Get it here


For the writer…


Pilot v-pen purple fountain pen – £4

Fountain pens are classic, if I had the money I’d have the Ferrari of fountain’s, a Montblanc. But, do not underestimate the Pilot’s power. It certainly does have a few advantages, not just the price tag. It comes in turquoise, pink, purple, blue and black, you don’t ever have to change the cartridge and if anyone ‘borrows’ it from your desk you aren’t going to go in to a panic.  Plus they fit neatly in to a stocking!

I think that there’s a lovely quality to signing contracts, writing invites and other PR tasks in ink. But, each to their own, a fountain pen isn’t for everyone. Find out what your PR person likes to use and treat them to the luxury version of it.

Get it here


For the coffee and tea lover…


Stainless Steel Heart Tumbler, 473 ml – £16.95

Get it here

XOXO Acrylic Badge Tumbler, 473 ml – £14.95

Get it here

Create-Your-Own Tumbler, 473 ml- £16.95

Get it here

Most PR practitioners and bloggers knock back tea and coffee like it’s going out of fashion. A handy travel mug will keep them satisfied on journeys to meet clients, the morning commute and will stop it from getting cold when they get absorbed in their projects!

These are from Starbucks, they always do a really great collection of plain and eye catching designs. The ones I’ve had are very robust and carry a good amount of coffee.

The third mug, which doesn’t have a picture, is a Create- Your-Own. It has a clear acrylic layer ready for your creative PR person to add their own paper design, photograph or glitter.

For the academic…


Share This: The Social Media Handbook for PR Professionals

ISBN: 978-1-118-40484-3

Get it here


Share This Too: More Social Media Solutions for PR Professionals

ISBN: 978-1-118-67693-6

Get it here

These books contain PR’s top social media tips and tricks of the trade – I’ve got both! Valuable insight and advice from industry experts available at the click of a button from Amazon. They could be just the ticket to help plan next year’s social strategy!

For the person always looking for a charger…


Juice Squash Power Bank Portable Charger with Micro USB to USB Cable, White – £15.95

Don’t let your PR person get caught out anymore. All day events and running social accounts can drain a phone’s battery very quickly. There’s nothing worse than being caught short on the go. Be prepared with this Juice Squash fast charger from John Lewis.

Get it here

The gift that keeps on giving…


A subscription box

There are boxes for everything now, read my blog ‘The six C’s of blogger boxes‘ to find out why they’d make a great gift. The image above is from Birchbox, but there are so many different ones for both men and women. Check out this article in The Telegraph to find out about a variety of boxes available in the UK.

Look for one here

I really hope this gives you a couple of ideas if you are buying for a public relations professional or a blogger this Christmas.

If you are in PR or the blogosphere I’d love to hear about gifts you’d like to receive this year.

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