Porters Wine & Charcuterie in Southampton

Porters Wine & Charcuterie is serving up glorious platters of cheese, cured meats and fresh fruit alongside wine’s from around the world.

The restaurant simulates the enotecas or wine libraries of Italy and brings a lovely sophisticated wine bar to central Southampton.

If the winning combination of wine, cheese and meat is a piece of you, then take a look…

Porters Wine & Charcuterie in Southampton, Hampshire

Porters Wine & Charcuterie Location

Queen’s Terrace is home to Porters Wine & Charcuterie. It overlooks the historic and leafy Queen’s Park at the bottom of the city near the cruise port – an area once known as ‘Porters Meadow’.

It’s a great location and just around the corner from Oxford Street, an incredibly popular place to eat and drink in Southampton.

It’s also conveniently a couple of doors down from Room2 Hometel, so an easy dinner option if you’re only in the area for a short time or off on a cruise.

The interior is a mix of steal features, open brick and exposed lighting. On the ceiling there’s a leafy plant installation that softens the industrial look.

There’s a row of taller tables along a wall and the rest of the space is filled with tables in front of the bar.


I love the menu! Rather than having set boards you pick the charcuterie you want to create your own bespoke selection. I mean this is a dream dinner right?

On the menu is a carefully curated selection of meat and wine, each one picked to represent a region and flavour. The selection is so diverse that there’s bound to be something even the most well traveller has not tried. And, if you have tried them all, well then you’re a total show off and it’s now your responsibility to make a selection your whole party loves. 😋

There’s something special about a ‘discovery’ menu like this too. I like knowing that there’s more love and effort in the food, rather than commercially made supermarket cheese (which does have its place in this world!).

I’ll have to direct you to the menu as the list of cheese and meats is quite a big one! There’s different cheeses from all the famous producers across the UK and Ireland. Take a look at Porters’ menu.

If you’re looking for a few recommendations, some of the cheeses I liked were the local Old Winchester from Hampshire. And, the Irish Porter from Limerick, which has Guinness in it and, is surprisingly delicious.

From the meats you might want to try the Wild Mushroom and Truffle Saucisson – that was my favourite! I owe the person that discovered the truffle a big high five because ooooooofff that flavour has depth.

​It’s nice to share a board with a friend over a glass of something lovely. It’s really relaxing and about time this charming European concept was in Southampton.

Porters Wine & Charcuterie in Southampton, Hampshire

I also had some hummus on the side and a caprese salad, which was delicious but a real feast. My favourite was the hummus, I wasn’t as impressed with the Caprese salad. I personally wouldn’t need a started next time but this really depends on how many people you’re sharing with./


The set up is beautiful and the meats and cheeses spectacular – what a lovely little discovery in the city. It’s great to have a very different food offering compared to the rest of the city which is dominated by big commercial chain restaurants.

Let me know if you’ve visited Porters Wine & Charcuterie or want to visit in the comments below.

Visit Porters Wine & Charcuterie website.

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