Pizza at The Greyhound on the Test

Pizza at The Greyhound on the Test is exactly where you want to spend your summer evenings. Oh my what an aesthetic!

This is by far, the most Instagram friendly, super chilled restaurant I’ve been to in a while.

Come and take a look around this beautiful pub with a stellar garden set up nestled in the heart of Stockbridge. Oh and they do Hoxton Bakehouse pizza too, no biggie…

…yes, I booked a table so fast it was like when Superman reversed the world for Lois Lane.

The Greyhound on the Test in Stockbridge, Hampshire

Location of The Greyhound on the Test

The Greyhound on the Test is literally both bang on the River Test and on Stockbridge High Street. But, it’s one of those places that I’ve always walked past and never ventured in. Oh what a mistake past me made. This is definitely now on my go to destination list when visiting the area.

With a central location, it’s easy to find. Once you’ve wandered past the front doors into the garden it’s far enough away from the main road for you not to even notice your proximity, or hear the cars go past.

Pizza at The Greyhound on the Test in Stockbridge, Hampshire

Inside & Outside

Well inside it’s just all those gorgeous English countryside vibes. But, it’s the outside that truly shines. A safari style marquee in the garden sits next to a wooden cabin outside bar and The River Test.

Pizza at The Greyhound on the Test in Stockbridge, Hampshire

Along the river is a beautiful rose bush and the sun sets over the river making the setting a beautiful place to be at the end of the day.

Fairy lights adorn the inside of the marquee, and there’s sturdy wooden tables and chairs with big bold flower arrangements.

Pizza at The Greyhound on the Test in Stockbridge, Hampshire

In-between the river and the dining area is a fire pit with big bucket seats around it. This area gets better and better as the evening draws in and we saw a group of friends laughing and joking sat around the fire. Those, to me, are the perfect kinds of evenings!

My pictures really do not do the location any justice! I wish I could capture how beautiful it is, it definitely has a magical quality.


We went during the Government’s eat out to help out deal when they ran a special pizza menu from the wood fired oven in the garden.

The title, Pizza at the Greyhound on The Test, kind of gave it away didn’t it? We did indeed have pizza. I mean firstly because it was the only thing on the menu and secondly it’s the whole reason we visited. I, like most people, absolutely chuffing adore pizza in an almost Joey from Friends obsessive way.

If you’re not local Hoxton Bakehouse, which provided the dough for the base, is the most epic local bakery in Hampshire. So, when a friend heard the pizza at The Greyhound on the Test would be Hoxton, we of course booked it up.

Pizza at The Greyhound on the Test in Stockbridge, Hampshire

The menu isn’t normally that pizza centric and now I’ve discovered The Greyhound I really want to go and visit it on a non-pizza day too.

The usual offering is a range of modern classic British dishes, a delicious assortment of grilled meats and fish, think six minute steaks, haddock and mackerel. The roast looks wonderful too and I am very keen to go back for all of these things!

What we ate

The special pizza menu consisted of three flavours and we managed to order all of them between our party.

We had the spiced chicken, summer vegetables and tomato, the Stockbridge mushroom, courgette and garlic and the anchovy, chorizo and red onion.

My pizza was the mushroom courgette and garlic, which was a good combination. The pizza was delicious, a wood fired pizza and Hoxton base is a great mix. I also had a side salad, local tomatoes with capers and wholegrain mustard which was a very refreshing accompaniment to the pizza.

While my pizza was good, personally I think for the money, it was a little on the small side, and there could be a few more toppings. It isn’t the end of the world and it certainly didn’t ruin my experience. But, I just think these small tweaks would have taken my experience from good to exceptional.

I’m excited to try the rest of the menu too, it’s certainly not put me off of going back and we will be going soon to try it out.

Pizza at The Greyhound on the Test in Stockbridge, Hampshire

The Greyhound on the Test

Pizza at The Greyhound on the Test is such a lovely evening out. I love that we can eat outside whatever the weather, and so much thought has gone into the garden space. As we were coming out of lockdown it was one of my first meals out, and the setting made me feel so comfortable at a very anxious time.

I can’t wait to go back and spend some sun down evenings with a large gin and dinner by the river. Let me know in the comments below what you think and if you’ve been.

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