Perfect Porridge at The Tubestation in Polzeath

Going out for breakfast is such a treat and when we were in Polzeath we found a fab spot to start our day right.

It’s always hard in a new place to know where to try as it’s always a bit of a gamble.

Thankfully we landed on our feet when we strolled into the Tubestation in Polzeath – it was a blinking marvellous find. And, as I later found out, it was voted Red Bull’s ‘number 1 best surf café’ in UK and Ireland.

And, I can see why, it’s a perfect hang out for surfers and skaters. What do I mean by that, well it’s got a full size skateboard mini ramp in it and surf boards hanging from the ceiling.

The location isn’t bad either, it’s just back off the beachfront and slightly higher up which means the views over the beach are spectacular. It really embraces the surf culture, welcoming those in wet suits and with boards to come in to refuel and also families and four-legged friends.

I also think that there’s a religious element running through the place too, which is reflected on its website, but it felt it was more community driven than preachy which is a refreshing change. It’s not overwhelming or massively noticeable when you visit the cafe, I only realised when we went back for our second visit and took pictures for this post.

It certainly didn’t put me off of visiting and the community events held there look really good, there was lots on the noticeboard and you can see some of them on its Instagram page.

The Tube Station from the outside

The Tubestation was just a 10 minute walk from where were staying, which was really convenient when my numerically minded better half Henry and I were hungry. It was the best antidote to rumbling stomachs that demanded a sturdy breakfast to set us up for another day exploring Cornwall.

The Tube Station does incredible fresh smoothies!

I picked a big bowls of oats with peanut butter, banana and chia seeds, a big green smoothie and the biggest coffee I could order. It was DELICIOUS. Oh dang, it was so tasty, very morish and totally filled me up ready for hiking around the coastline and a spot of sea swimming.

We also became very fond of its gold-award-winning ‘Tube Time’ coffee blend, making several trips during our time there for a freshly brewed cup. I was really glad that Cornwall wasn’t totally overrun by major coffee chains, the independent coffee scene is thriving and I am so pleased to be able to support and shop local during our trip.

The open style kitchen

Apart from the ramp and hanging surfboards, the rest of the interior looks like a giant converted barn with surf murals on the wall. It’s also filled with big comfy sofas, which we obviously took advantage of, settling into a big Chesterfield to relax while scoffing our brekkie.

The smoothie was made in front of us and very fresh!

I had never had banana and peanut butter on my porridge before as I’ve only started to eat porridge in the past couple of years on and off. This combination was a big hit in my books and I’ve recreated this often since we returned from home from our trip.

While we went for breakfast, they also do some mean looking lunches with plenty of gluten free and vegan options fresh from the open kitchen. It was so tempting we headed back another day to sit in the sun as we ate our cheesy toasties, had another smoothie and a mint tea!

Melted cheese goodness – yum!
Fresh mint tea overlooking the beach

We really loved spending time here and we’ll be heading back at the end of this summer when we’re on holiday down there again. I can’t wait to go back and spend more time there.

If you want to find out more about The Tubestation in Polzeath then head to for a very dreamy website detailing its other projects and endeavours.

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