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Party at the Mill is serving up small plates and pizzas from it’s spot in the old mill buildings by Alresford’s train station.

How on earth do I describe this place and how good it is? I mean ‘good’ just doesn’t cut it. I think Party at the Mill is one of a handful of places in Hampshire that wouldn’t be out of place in the London food scene.

The small plates are well thought out, rich in flavour and brilliantly executed. The setting is unpretentious, relaxed and fun, yes actually fun rather than whimsical and gimmicky.

Here’s everything you need to know about Party at the Mill…


šŸ“Station Mill, Station Road, Alresford, SO24 9JQ

The mill buildings are situated right next door to Alresford train station, down a long lane near to Perin’s school.

It’s not far from Alresford’s main high street either making it a brilliant place to pop in for a drink.

The market town is pretty and historic, so Party at the Mill is the perfect food place bringing those effortlessly cool vibes. And, because it’s a little tucked away you feel like you’re far away from city life enjoying a moment.

Party at the Mill Menu

Alright, we’re straight onto the good stuff, the food. First up the menu is curated with an offering of different small plates from the land, sea and earth. Don’t miss the specials though as there’s usually something new the chef has rustled up.

The menu tends to change fairly regularly, with favourites staying and a bit of variety brought in to mix it up and keep things fresh.

And, I cannot go here without ordering the crispy chick peas. If they ever get taken off the menu I’ll be so sad – they are so moreish. I’ve tried to recreate them at home but they’re nothing quite like how Party at the Mill make them.

The team recommend 4-5 plates for two people and I think that’s about right. You’ll get good variety and be full.

Small plates and pizzas

Things I’ve had before (when I’ve been for dinner myself as a paying customer) include the Babaganoush (I could eat to myself!), the smoked almonds, padron peppers, sweet marmomde tomatoes and salt roast beetroot (the only time I’ve ever liked beetroot!). Oh, and a whole lot of pizza!

Here’s what we ate on this visit, there are plenty more dishes to try, and lots if you’re vegetarian too.

Giarraffa Olives

These are the biggest olives I’ve ever had and super tasty to boot, ten out of ten recommend and what’s picky bits without olives?

Spiced Fried Chickpeas

Moreish crispy nuggets of joy, each one a tiny taste explosion. Mentioned these above, it’s probably best I can’t make these as I’d eat them every day if I could.

Confit Garlic Pizetta

This mini fluffy sourdough topped with whole cooked cloves of garlic was a trusty side kick to mop up some of the saucier dishes.


Alresford Asparagus

Perfectly cooked asparagus topped with black sesame and paired with a gochujang dipping sauce. This was high up on my favourite things we ate, not only did it have a satisfying crunch butt the asparagus was wonderfully fresh.

Buffalo Milk Halloumi

Cheese lovers heaven is a big slab of halloumi with black seed honey and covered in pistachios. This dish is a balance of the sweet and salty with extra depth coming from the nuts


Gloucester Old Spot Pork Belly

At the moment due to health reasons I’m unable to eat pork but my partner Henry tucked into this extra dish they brought us. He was so impressed he ate the whole plate! I tried the accompanying rhubarb sauce which was dreamy.

Lamb Merguez Meatballs

The lamb meatballs are served on a bed of tahini with pomegranate molasses sprinkled over the top. This hands down was one of my favourite dishes and while Henry was distracted with the pork belly I helped myself to a second meatball.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken

There’s nothing quite like fried chicken and when it’s done right it really is a treat. These lovely marinated chicken chunks were teamed up with a kimchi hot sauce. This was the second additional dish they bought us and I’m so glad they did because I’ll definitely order this in future.


Tiger Prawns

Huge prawns came out with a preserved lemon and Aleppo chilli sauce is not only impressive looking but very tasty. This dish does lean towards the saltier end of things and having some of the accompanying bread balances this out a bit.


Take a look at the menu for the seasonal puddings, on the menu during my visit was a burnt cheesecake and rhubarb granita. Can every meal end with granita? It’s so refreshing and light, especially when you’ve eaten a lot but still want a little something to round out the meal.

Unfortunately I can’t eat cheesecake at the moment but my partner stepped up to the plate, literally, and tucked into a hearty slice. The envy was real and it had a burnt top too, and apparently was decadently creamy.

Day and night

While it’s a restaurant at night, it’s a coffee shop and cafe in the day serving from breakfast time right through the day.

I’ve been for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and for coffee and cake and it’s never let me down. I know, bold claim, but it’s always been a really reliable great all rounder. And the restaurant at night really is something special.

In the warmer months it really comes alive as the outside seating becomes an option and the big doors open giving it an inside-out feeling. When the music is going and the table full of food, it feels like you’re on holiday.

Party at the Mill

Party at the Mill needs to be on your list of places to visit in Hampshire. From the friendly team to the stellar menu, this is a cracking little spot is worth a visit. If you live a little further way, it’s worth the drive, there’s nothing like this in any of the county’s cities (at the time of writing, anyway).

Visit the Party at the Mill website.

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