Paradise Pizza in Polzeath

Paradise Pizza in Polzeath is serving up beautiful fresh wood fired pizza on the beach. Could it beeeeeee any more perfect?

I am here for the freshly made, dough with big air bubbles, sexy toppings and all that super hot wood fired flavour.

Yeah, so if you haven’t guessed, I like pizza a lot. And, this is my go to pizza spot in Polzeath. Pizza on the beach anyone? The answer is always yes by the way!

Paradise Pizza in Polzeath, Cornwall, England, UK

The Truck

Paradise Pizza is a take away food truck by the beach in Polzeath. But, I feel the term ‘takeaway food truck’ really doesn’t do this place any justice. It’s serving up really tasty pizza with some brilliant toppings.

Paradise Pizza in Polzeath, Cornwall, England, UK

I’ve got a massive crush on street food trucks. The lifestyle, the size and the fact it’s all a bit more relaxed than going to eat out. Plus they turn out some epic food which I imagine can’t be easy in such a small space.

Paradise Pizza in Polzeath, Cornwall, England, UK

The Paradise Pizza truck, all dressed up in grey and yellow, is in a nook by the surf school and just round the corner from the original Ann’s Cottage surf shop.

It’s literally 10 seconds from the truck until you hit the sandy beach of Polzeath, the perfect dining situation.

Paradise Pizza in Polzeath, Cornwall, England, UK

After a day of body boarding (I wish I could surf, unfortunately I’m not that cool or that fit…yet!) there’s nothing quite like getting cosy and dry and heading to the truck for pizza.

Polzeath Beach by Paradise Pizza in Polzeath, Cornwall, England, UK

And, the views across the beach really are something else. Polzeath is very happily situated on the North Cornwall coast and is often the setting of some stunning sunsets. Why is it that photographs never quite capture how wonderful a sunset is?

The Menu

There’s 11 pizzas on the menu from simple garlic and mozzarella to all kinds of meat and vegetable toppings.

The Menu at Paradise Pizza in Polzeath, Cornwall, England, UK

The ‘White Wedding’ is delicious, garlic, mozzarella, aged Cornish cheddar, Cornish Blue, parmesan and basil. The addition of the Cornish Blue is epic, so much flavour. I’m a massive fan of garlic bases too, I’m not that fussed on a tomato base.

Despite the inclusion of pineapple I’d like to try a ‘Tom Uglys’. It’s a pizza topped with pork belly, crackling, pineapple, BBQ sauce and rocket. It sounds incredibly tasty and just what you want after an active day hiking or in the water.

Here’s a Hey Tony – when we last went it was at the end of a very busy day, nearly 8pm, and they had sold out of many toppings so we opted for plain and simple and sometime’s that’s just absolutely what you want.

A Hey Tony plain margarita pizza at Paradise Pizza in Polzeath, Cornwall, England, UK

This is what my plain garlic looked like, it was so cheesy and mega tasty. A wood fired pizza adds so much flavour and the dough is spot on!

A garlic pizza at Paradise Pizza in Polzeath, Cornwall, England, UK

Look out for the specials, usually these guys knock up something special this week to mix it up a bit. One of the latest is called ‘Beast of Bourbon’ – a garlic base with mozzarella, onions, slow cooked brisket, cheddar cheese and bourbon BBQ sauce. This is right up my street.

There’s plenty of vegetarian options and a vegan one too – meaning that the whole gang can get a pizza for the beach. Nice one Team Paradise.

The vegan is called an ‘Oompa’ and has a roast butternut squash base, kale, marinated courgette, mushroom and sesame. It looks mega.

Get there quick because while the menu is extensive, once the pizza is gone, it’s gone! Paradise pizza is POPULAR. That’s kind of an understatement FYI.

Paradise Pizza in Polzeath, Cornwall, England, UK

Paradise Pizza

I’ve probably consumed more of these pizzas than I care to admit but they are rather epic so if you’re in the area, you know what to do. There’s still ones I haven’t tried and want to, no trip to Polzeath is complete without a Paradise Pizza!

Visit Paradise Pizza in Polzeath on Instagram. I’d suggest heading to Instagram as it’s updated the most frequently and you’ll get the latest news here.

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