Original Fry Up Material Food Truck in Hampshire

Original Fry Up Material is a touring food truck bringing epic food to villages across Hampshire. Put your best Janice from Friends voice on because OH-MY-GOD the burgers are incredible.

Here’s why you need to stop by the OFM Food truck…

The Original Fry Up Material food truck

About Original Fry Up Material

Jon started his journey in 2012 with a mission to elevate the quality of breakfast and burgers using the best responsibly sourced local produce.

From festivals to weddings to location shoots, the OFM food truck has covered a lot of ground over the last ten years. It smashed the London food scene earning high praise from Buzzfeed, Esquire, Mary Portas and The London Evening Standard.

He’s served big name celebrities and inadvertently turned down Harry Styles at a festival back in the One Direction days. (Go to the OFM Food Truck Instagram for regular hilarious #Throwback stories just like this one.)

And, now Jon’s landed in Hampshire and big dirty burgers and hot dogs jam packed full of flavour are served up alongside delicious twice cooked fries.

My visit to Original Fry Up Material

I took a drive out the Kilmeston when the van had pitched up by the village hall. It’s a gorgeous drive from where I live, taking in the best of the Hampshire countryside.

Thankfully I caught it at the best time of day, in that golden hour before the sunset. When we arrived in the village it had that perfect dusk glow, which seemed to magnify the already extremely pretty setting.

The Original Fry Up Material truck was receiving a steady stream of visitors but, we didn’t queue for long. And, the turn around on food was quick.

Two sweet smoke burgers and chips were ordered. Foolishly we went and sat in the car to eat our burgers. On reflection we could have gone and sat on the village green, the power of hindsight!

The Burgers

I really didn’t know what to expect, and was really hopeful the burgers would match the excellent pictures on social media…AND IT ONLY BLOOMING DID, DIDN’T IT?!

The Sweet Smoke Original Fry Up Material Burger

The burger was perfection, masses of flavour, excellent ingredients and a beautiful brioche bun. Ten out of ten, it balanced the smokey bbq sauce with the meaty burger and gooey cheese to make it up there on my list of top burgers I’ve devoured.

Usually I’m put off when chefs say there’s a brioche bun because most of the time I feel they’re a total let down. But, the Original Fry Up Material brioche bun, WELL, this is what a brioche burger bun is meant to be like. It’s buns like this that absolutely kick the bottom of the normal humble bread bun!

The burger itself was quality, beautiful ground beef from a local butcher turned into a succulent patty bringing loads of flavour and cooked just right.

I’m seriously impressed. The Original Fry Up Material burger is a triumph from start to finish. And, the chips were incredible too, really crispy and fluffy inside and seasoned really well.

Will I be tracking the truck down again? YOU KNOW IT!

And, I think it says something when you’re happy to drive a good hour into the Hampshire countryside to track down a burger. I’m not going to do that for any burger. Just saying.

Bex enjoy an Original Fry Up Material Burger

Where to find the OFM Food Truck Next…

The Original Fry Up Material truck spreads the food love across Hampshire and regularly changes up location. So, to catch where it will be next visit the OFM Instagram account or the OFM website for more details.

You’ll regularly find the team at Chilton Candover, Kilmeston, Sutton Scotney, North Waltham, Twyford and Winchester.

Takeaway Burgers from the OFM Food Truck

What an excellent Hampshire food find. If Jon and the Original Fry Up Material truck passes near to you, do not miss it!

The menu is a small but done really well (personally, my favourite kind) but there’s also a vegan dog that’s apparently well worth a try, and given the standard of the burger, I wouldn’t hesitate to order this as you can tell Jon’s got an eye for big flavours.

Visit the Original Fry Up Material webpage

Visit the Original Fry Up Material Instagram account

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