Oh my Deyes! What next for Alfie, one of the top UK influencers?

You could have knocked me down with a feather when I had a response from THE Alfie Deyes @pointlessblog on my Instagram post about his latest interview with Blogosphere magazine. Never in a million years did I think he would comment. (I’m not oblivious that it could be one of his social media team responding but, shh, stop ruining it for me, ok?!)

When I was reading the Blogosphere article a thought struck me. What happens once you’re at the top of the PR influencer industry? How do you continue to grow, stay relevant and what direction should you take?

I took a while to answer Alfie’s Instagram reply asking what I thought about the article, it was Christmas after all! Here are my thoughts on what direction Alfie could take next.

Just in case you’re not following me on Instagram (it’s @r_henders by the way!) here’s my post, Alfie’s comment and my response to him and the Blogosphere article.

My post

Alfie Deyes’ response

My response to Alfie’s comment

Hey @pointlessblog – I think the interview was very considered, you’ve got to adapt and have the chance to do so. It definitely made me warm to you. Did some of the previous silly mistakes irritate me because they could have so easily avoided (especially with the right people around you) – yes they do, but it sounds like you’ve learnt from them and it’s time to move on. From a PR perspective it will be interesting to see what you do next. I’ve got a feeling it might be a bit more up my street and grounded in experience and actual expertise. I feel that now you’ve got a better steer on things you’ll take the year to regroup and redirect. I bet you and your PR/creative team will have a fun year planning strategy for the future. I’m excited to see what you do and I think you’d be an interesting character to meet. I hope you have a good team to steer you in the right direction, along with your own creative vision to ‘level up’. The aim should be to create a legacy for the industry as one of the UK’s first influencer/blogger/vlogger who forged the path and became a leader in the field and a household name. It’s no easy feat and as an activist for this cause I think you’d gain a new following within that community. Anyway, that’s more than enough ruddy opinions from me – who do I think I am?! 😂 LOLs. All the best x

What next for Alfie?

Alfie is taking a year out of the influencer scene to gather his thoughts and plan his next move as he evolves to change with his audience and attract new followers. Alfie’s been an influencer for a solid 10 years since the tender age of 15 so a large percentage of his audience has grown up with him. Having conquered the industry he’s reached that pivotal ‘what next?’ moment.

Alfie’s options are quite vast and he could literally go into so many different aspects industries or extensions of his existing activity off the career he’s already made for himself. It really does just depend on what he wants to do.

What next if you’re a successful influencer?

So you’re already a household name and you have every partnership, collaboration and affiliate scheme you’ve ever dreamt of. Where do you go once you’ve achieved your goals?

The ultimate goal would be to create a legacy. Humans on the whole like to make a lasting impact- that’s why we’re programmed to procreate, it’s about survival as a species but also making sure your legacy of a gene pool lives on in future generations. We are hard wired as a species to do that.

Legacy can be achieved in three different ways for general lifestyle influencers:

  • Shaping the industry you work in
  • Passing your knowledge on to others
  • Becoming a brand

If we apply this to Alfie’s case, how might this look?

If Alfie chooses to shape his industry

Creating a legacy within his field and being one of the first to do so, through activism and promoting equality and fairness within the influencer realm, would mean Alfie’s name would forever be referred to when discussion around influencers arises in the future. If Alfie doesn’t do it, another large scale influencer will.

If Alfie decides to pass his knowledge on

There’s more than once way to pass on your knowledge and it could be…

  • Through the direct management of his peers – a talent/publicity/influencer agency of his own
  • In an academic capacity, by writing a book or guide specifically about becoming an influencer
  • By partnering with one or several major PR and marketing companies to guide best practice when working with influencers

There’s nothing like shaping the future of the field through the up and coming people who are managing to make their name heard by cutting through all the current social media noise. The industry is a wildly different place to what it was 10 years ago after all. Alfie could help shape what the industry will looks like over the next decade.

If Alfie becomes a brand

You can argue that Alfie already is a brand, with a book and several successful channels and other endeavours he’s already on his way and an extremely well known name. Although for many his name is synonymous with the influencer industry I know there’s generations and certain groups of people that still won’t know who Alfie Deyes is.

Enhancing Alfie’s brand will make him instantly recognisable to everyone giving him a level of fame where he doesn’t need a description or explanation i.e. Michael Jackson, Tesco or McDonalds.

It’s a lot easier to become a brand if you have a specialism like fitness or beauty, think Jo Wicks and Huda Kattan aka Huda Beauty.

My opinion

Personally I think he should do whatever makes him happy but I also really would like him to create a lasting legacy and help shape the influence industry further. I think it’s because I want to see further development of the field for influencers so they continue to be taken seriously while getting rid of those fraudulent rascals who buy followers and likes.

Alfie Deyes would have a lot of clout to help make that happen and guide agencies into better decisions showing them that they get a much better return in investment from the people legitimately participating and organically growing. He could educate a whole generation that doesn’t understand or get the added value the influencer market offers. (Let’s not kid ourselves into thinking that it’s obvious that certain brands and companies should be embracing influencers. It may seem obvious to us but, it isn’t to everyone. There’s a lot of companies out there that could be embracing it that aren’t. And, some that do it because they know they need to but don’t understand why so it’s not as effective or efficient as it could be!)

Moving the industry forward and away from just looking at number of followers (which as we discussed earlier aren’t always real) to looking at other important metrics like engagement levels and content analysis.

Whatever path Alfie chooses to extend and enhance his already successful career it will be an interesting one. The industry is evolving at a frighteningly fast pace and where Alfie goes next, others will follow.

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