New Years Eve 2017 round up!

I like looking back to be able to look forward. So this is the second round up post I’ve done on New Years Eve that contains all my blog posts from the past year.

*POST UPDATED May 2022: Bright Lights Big City has evolved from being focused on PR to being all about travel, experiences, food and drink. All posts that are no longer relevant to these topics have been removed.*

Whatever you’re up to this year, in or out, I hope you have a wonderful time and welcome in the new year in style!

Technically this has been my first full year of blogging and I’ve come a long way from my intermittent posts in 2016.

This year I’ve regularly attended blogging events, started my own @PR_Bloggers Twitter account and blogged continuously for the whole year. I’ve been listed as a top female PR blogger by Vuelio on International Women’s Day and shortlisted for a UK Blog Award 2018.

What have you been up to over the past year? I’d love to know, and read your posts. If you do a similar round up or have something you’d really like to share, pop a link in the comments section so I can give it a read.

2017 blog posts



  • Creative Campaigns #7 – Brands that have piggy-backed on the Oscars 2017 best picture mix up
  • If you missed it…Southampton’s Festival of Light
  • Cabana brings Brazilian street food to Southampton
  • The Southampton Showcase Cinema de Lux is a game changer!
  • Pump up the volume! Facebook video now autoplays sound
  • What do you love? A Valentine’s Day post for everyone
  • The monk who’s a make-up artist – Kodo Nishimura
  • ‘This is my night’ eyeliner review from the MAC and Mariah Carey collaboration
  • PR Buzz Word #6: Salty
  • New month, new reading – share your blog with me!
  • How to watch floating videos on Facebook…
  • Facebook downgrades fake news
  • Earned, owned, paid and shared media – what do they mean?


  • Birchbox March goes back to it’s roots
  • Creative Campaigns #10 – “Got no strings” Beats by Dre
  • Crisis management the BrewDog way
  • The Liebster Award 2017
  • My blogging journey and why blogging is important if you’re starting out in PR
  • Creative Campaigns #9 – The Prince’s Trust and L’Oréal Paris ‘We are all worth it’ campaign
  • Creative Campaigns #8 – the Fearless Girl who took no bull
  • Bright Lights Big City is one of Vuelio’s top 10 UK PR blogs by women
  • Birchbox February collaborates with Papier
  • SEO basic terms
  • Meet the Professionals 2017 at Solent University


  • PR Buzz Word #7: Mugwump
  • @PRBloggers – a new Twitter account for people who blog about public relations
  • The countdown is on – it’s time for Teddy Rocks Festival! 
  • Southampton gets back in its stride with first marathon in 30 years
  • Consumers vs campaigners – low-sugar Lucozade
  • Fall down the rabbit hole with Wonderland at the Mayflower
  • Happy Easter 2017!
  • Spring paddle boarding adventures on the South Coast of England
  • Creative Campaigns #11 – Sainsbury’s Living Well campaign
  • The poor taste Pepsi protest advert (yes, the one with Kendall Jenner)
  • I’m on Vuelio’s Blogger Spotlight!
  • Your Other Half – Sophie Personne’s guide to better relationships with others & yourself
  • April Fool’s Day 2017 round up!


  • Creative Campaigns #13 – Skittles #OneRainbow
  • Learn how to use night mode on Twitter
  • Creative Campaigns #12 – Bud Light brings back the famous frogs
  • Register to vote #Election2017
  • Pop up the Spinnaker Tower for Champagne Sundays


  • PR Buzz Word #8: Woke



  • A yoga challenge for September
  • The deer on my doorstep
  • Adventures in Arundel
  • Visit Vospers for brilliant burgers!
  • #ILiveItIBlogIt launches in 3 days! Here’s how you can get involved…
  • Are we one step away from ‘The Circle’?
  • Bright Lights Big City reaches 500 followers
  • Creative Campaigns #15 – #TescoTamponTaxoff 




  • Creative Campaigns #22 – This is Christmas. TalkTalk’s Christmas advert
  • Alternative hot chocolate fun times! 
  • Creative Campaigns #21 – #BringMerryBack House of Fraser Christmas advert
  • Creative Campaigns #20 – #YouShall Debenhams Christmas advert 
  • Creative Campaigns #19 – #ChristmasTogether Waitrose’s Christmas advert
  • Creative Campaigns #18 – #EverybitofChristmas Sainsbury’s Christmas advert
  • Catch up with my 2017 #yogagirlchallenge
  • Creative Campaigns #17 – #MoztheMonster John Lewis’ Christmas advert
  • The #StartingOut Series – Laura Downton from Lee Peck Media 
  • Where’s the hype for the Christmas coffee cup this year?
  • Creative Campaigns #16 – #Lovethebear Marks and Spencer’s Christmas advert
  • Lewes Bonfire Night 2017
  • I’m off to Lewes for Bonfire Night 2017
  • Get picture perfect with photo tips from Jessops
  • Yoga and fitness in October 2017 


If you want to go back even further you can find previous posts in a handy curated post here…

UPDATE: I did originally write a New Years Eve 2016 round up but I think the internet has gobbled it up, the link has broken and I can no longer find it.

Happy reading!

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