New food is on the menu at Wahaca!

New food at Wahaca

Mexican market food was just the ticket on a sunny evening – it gave me all the holiday vibes. Wahaca have a little terrace in Southampton that catches the late afternoon sun, I could have sat there all night!

I joined blogging beauty Alice Spake for the evening to discover the new items on the menu*, come and take a look…

Before I move on to the food I just want to point out a few things about the interior. I’m currently, and very slowly, trying to do up my home so I’m constantly looking at different interiors for ideas.

I love seeing how people put different spaces together and always draw so much inspiration from quirky restaurants and spaces. I’ve built a few pieces of furniture and I’m looking for my next project.

The interior of Wahaca in Southampton’s Westquay is so vibrant and I’ve got so much inspiration from it. I love the bright yellow and turquoise mixed with the natural wood and steel. It also has lots of interior flourishes that bring the space together like quirky bits of furniture and murals adorning the walls.

My favourite part is the over turned boat that’s been turned into a bench. I’m a big fan of upcycling and this really adds character to the open space that would otherwise look like any other restaurant.

The boat bench!

There are some really great murals too of colourful animals that stretch across both floors of the restaurant. The sheer size of them is mega!

The beautiful fox mural!
A bird in a boat!

After a good look around it was time to order some food, Alice and I went and sat on the terrace, a fab little sun trap and picked some cocktails to try. I couldn’t help but pop them up on the side by the planters as the green complemented the colours of our drinks – with the hot weather, cocktails and palms it was starting to channel those holiday vibes.

A mojito and a Wahaca colada!

The new nachos make a fab starter to share, it’s a big plate but a thin layer so every tortilla chip is covered in toppings so every mouthful packs a tasty punch.

New Wahaca nachos!

We tried the new pea, ricotta and mint tostada which has a habanero dressing and is on a crisp blue corn tortilla. Not only does it look gorgeous with the bright pink radishes clashing with the greens but, it was rich in flavour. I liked how it was light, refreshing and different to the other dishes we ordered – I’ll definitely order this again!

The new pea, ricotta and mint tostada!

The crispy duck and sweet potato croquetas are served with a smoky hibiscus and chipotle salsa. Everything at Wahaca seems to revolve around big bold flavours and these were no exception!

New duck croquetas!
New Chorizo empanadas with crushed new potatoes & tomatillo salsa
New Pork pibil – pork with melted cheese

It had been a really busy day it was so nice to sit with lots of little Mexican plates while catching up sat in the sun. The food was perfect for long chats and all the tasty dishes made it feel like we were abroad.

There’s nothing like sitting in the sun and taking time over a meal, it’s how all the best conversations happen and Wahaca’s new menu additions did not disappoint!

It was my first visit to the high street chain and I really enjoyed it – thanks to Wahaca and Alice for the invite!

* Gifted experience – I was a guest of Alice Spake and Wahaca!  As always all opinions are my own – otherwise what’s the point?!


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