My first blogging event as a blogger

Thursday heralds my first blogging event as a blogger. MAC Cosmetics (my former employer for those of you not in the know!) is hosting a launch event for bloggers to preview its new Liptensity colours in Southampton’s John Lewis.


My previous experience of these kinds of events have always been on the side of the company hosting. When I worked at Clinique we had some really fun blogging events but I always wondered what it would be like to attend one.

The event brings many other exciting opportunities like getting to know other bloggers in my area. At the event will be many people from the Southampton Bloggers group and I can’t wait to meet them.

Meeting other like minded people and having a support network in what you do is really important. There will be lots of bloggers to network with there who have a range of different experiences. Sharing experiences and gaining advice about blogs will be very insightful and help me to improve my own writing and blog. Learning from others can be highly valuable and highlight things previously not considered or that you may be doing wrong.

I am also really excited to write about a different topic. Although I have worked in the make up industry in the past, this blog isn’t focused on cosmetics and beauty. A beauty blog is a first for me and it will be a good change from what I normally write about.

Beauty bloggers use word of mouth, reputation and relationships to build their following. Influence is their currency. Their opinion, either positive or negative, can affect the success of a brand or product. Bloggers must feel valued and engaged to be motivated to spread a positive message further through their channels. But, all of this also relies on the quality of the product.

Looking at the event from a PR perspective will obviously be high on my list. It will be interesting to see if they’ve changed much since my last one and how MAC run the event. Building relationships with bloggers and engaging them in the right way is a key part of the brand’s PR strategy. From start to finish the event must clearly convey the message and brand.

Anyway, time is marching on, I better get my beauty sleep! I have to admit I’m a little nervous. This is a big step in to the blogger universe – wish me luck.

After the event I’ll give you a full update about the new MAC Liptensity colours and what I learnt from a PR perspective.

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    1. I only found out recently, there’s a local community, which is ace. Great for confidence too. It’s hard starting out!

      I’m sure there might be some in NZ? If not, you could be the first to make your mark! The glue to the NZ blogging community! xoxox

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