Monthly Vlog #1 | FEB 2018 | FIRST VLOG | Bright Lights Big City

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First off I wanted to say a big, whopper of a thank you for giving my very first vlog a watch!

I’m Bex, a PR and lifestyle blogger from Southampton which is in Hampshire on the South Coast England.

I have a pretty big fear of being on camera and I am doing my best to overcome it. If you’ve watched the video you’ll be able to tell from all the nervous laughter or from me talking at a hundred miles an hour.

We were already well into February when I finally made the decision to start vlogging. I’m still pondering and processing all the reasons why I started – perhaps that will make a good video in the future!

In this video I introduce myself, take you to brunch at Vospers, Westquay’s festival of light, Banff Mountain Film Festival and to the Hoxton Bakehouse in Southampton.

I know I’m not very polished at the moment and still have an awful lot to learn but, I’m really excited to embrace vlogging and learn how to get better!

Each month I’ll be doing a round up of my adventures on YouTube, a bit like a diary. Follow me on my journey learning how to vlog.

Peace and Love,


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🍔Vospers Southampton* –
🏔Banff Mountain Film Festival –
🥐Hoxton Bakehouse Southampton –

*PR experience – but all views, the good and the bad, are my own otherwise what’s the point?!

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