Monmouth Coffee at Borough Market

I love coffee, ok, that’s an understatement. Over the years my obsession with coffee, and different ways of brewing it, has grown exponentially and it’s a part of my day that I look forward to. It’s a warm, satisfying and comfortable pick me up that works whatever the season.

Are you a coffee fiend too? If you haven’t tried Monmouth before this post might give you a new coffee shop to head to when you’re next in London!

Monmouth Coffee is hands down my favourite coffee roasters. It’s been my number one for over six years years and I always get a large stash of coffee when we head to its HQ at Borough Market. Two of my favourite things Monmouth Coffee and Borough Market – a total match made!

Get your peaky blinders round this stellar coffee joint on the corner of my favourite market…


The coffee shop is split into two parts a seating area and a counter where you can buy coffee to go, to drink in and beans carefully selected from around the world.

While it’s all on one level, there’s a few elevated parts and some counters and from certain angles you can get a fab view across the shop floor and out onto the street. It’s an incredible place to people watch.

It’s always been busy so I’ve never managed to grab a photo of the inside. I think that’s a real tribute to the quality of the place though and certainly not a negative, it’s got the best reputation and it’s really worth queuing up, it always goes quickly – trust me.

Inside it’s all open plan, even in winter, and the counter lures people in with the incredible smell that floats into the street.

Apparently there’s a Monmouth in Covent Garden and now a Saturday shop in Bermondsey – hooray! It’s very easy to guess where I’ll be going next in London. Yes, I am that predictable – ha ha!

Monmouth coffee beans

Monmouth really make things easy and colour code their blends so its easy to identify the ones you like when you return. If it doesn’t have the same one, the team work damn hard at finding you something similar and usually the regions are in the same colour family.

I’m a big fan of the Brazilian sourced beans which are a striking bright pink colour. I’d been buying this blend for years and when it was no longer stocked, the lovely team helped me find a replacement, which funnily enough is also from Brazil and is labelled with a bright pink colour! Easy.

I’ve tried so many of the blends but the house espresso, usually a grey colour, is a solid all-rounder too. It makes a gorgeous cafetière and I could happily drink this all day without a care in a world.

I think Monmouth is really special to me because my boyfriend introduced me to it and it’s something we bonded over when we were first dating.

Since then we bought drip pourers from the shop for our first home together, filled our house with the delicious coffee aroma and its somewhere we’ve found great joy taking family and friends on days out.

Borough Market

Borough is THE number one food market in London and it’s not hard to understand why. Whatever you want, you’ll find at Borough from specialist craft beer and international street food to those odd ingredients mentioned in the latest recipe by Jamie, Nigella or Gordon – you’ll find it here!

The setting is stunning, under the shadow of the shard and under the train lines. You’ll also find the odd train run overhead too.

It is an incredible place to find amazing gifts, tasty snacks and soak up the best bits of the London food scene.


While the obvious place to pick up some beans is the shops themselves I’ve also had success finding Monmouth closer to home.

Josie’s in Bishops Waltham use Monmouth coffee beans in its cafe and you can pick up a bag there – this was a brilliant discovery and means we always have a steady supply of our favourite coffee blends.

I’ve also recently discovered that you can buy the beans online! WAHOO! Let the orders commence.

If coffee is your thing then Monmouth is a semi-religious coffee bean experience, yes I’m totally fanatical about the place as you can probably tell.

If you’re headed to Borough Market you HAVE to visit Monmouth – yes the queues are worth it. No really they are. Seriously, factor in time for it, you won’t regret it!

P.S. A little treat from Bread Ahead goes down well with a Monmouth Coffee too! 😉

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