PR Buzz Word #1: Millennial…

New words form a part of our vocabulary all the time especially in the PR industry, some are buzz words, others are key terms. I’ve decided to start with Millennial partly because I didn’t fully understand it myself.

noun: millennial; plural noun: millennials
1. a person reaching young adulthood around the year 2000.
“the industry brims with theories on what makes millennials tick”

Take note of the latter. Apparently I’m one of them. You could be too.

This is the new term coined by PR and marketing experts to categorise people of my generation (mid-twenties, in case you were wondering!).

We along with those who are younger are apparently ‘the ones to watch’, what we’re consuming and how we’re consuming it is the hot topic for branding, PR and marketing professionals at the moment in order to capitalise on our habits. has featured an infographic from Koeppel Direct which conveniently conveys the demographic and consumer trends.

Millenial infographic from:
Millenial infographic from:

I’m not sure I’m fond of the term. There are, as always, categories within categories as we pigeon hole our way through life trying to make sense of our society. However, this for me is a bit like the term yuppies or generation x. It’s great for understanding habits, trends and helping companies target their stakeholders more effectively but does it really tell us anything we don’t know already? For me changes to consumer habits change in line with affordable technology advancements. I think that although my generation has grown up with it, the changes in media and news consumption applies to the global population as a whole as and when the technology become viable. My Nan has an iPad, watches more You Tube videos than me and buys online regularly. My uncle is a regular social media user, shares art and videos and is always ahead of the latest gadget. Two examples of people who’s only criteria for not fitting the term millennial is age.

Today I noticed that the term has started to creep into Facebook and Linked In. But I’m not sure that everyone fully understands it. I didn’t. What do you think? What term was coined for your generation? What do you think about it? Do your habits and age fit the ‘millenial’ description? Or do you break the mould? Please share your thoughts below.

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