Merry Christmas 2019

An alternative belated Merry Christmas from me to you…

Typical, I had a message prepared and then I went and caught THAT bug that’s been going around which stopped me from posting it.

And, I’m actually really pleased it did. It was just too darn fluffy and not realistic, so here’s a shortened re-worked edit for all of you in chrimbo limbo out there.

I thought I had my message all planned out and then, as I was editing it I realised I was missing the point. Totally and utterly missing the point.

Although it can be a magical time of the year, it’s also good to remember that for a lot of people, Christmas can be HARD.

The build up, the family politics, the finances and lets not mention all the other life stuff that gets thrown at you. The reasons can be numerous and vast.

It’s a lot of expectation and hype that really doesn’t work for everyone.

Whatever kind of Christmas you had I really hope you found joy in some part of it or all of it.

And, if you didn’t, don’t worry, this season doesn’t define you nor do the events that have happened around it to make you feel this way. You’re allowed to feel whatever you like and enjoy or not enjoy Christmas.

Just remember you’re not alone, other people are in the same or similar or completely different but equally as crazy situations as you.

Make sure you take some time for yourself and do things that will help you navigate this tricky time of the year.

Feel free to drop me a comment through any of my social channels if you ever need a chat. Starting a conversation is half the battle.

Big love to everyone this winter!

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