MAC Liptensity launch – part two

The Liptensity event and review


Tonight I had the pleasure of attending MAC Cosmetic’s Liptensity launch in Southampton. The event launched MAC’s brand new collaboration with Maureen Seaberg, a tetrachromat, who has the ability to see 100 million more colours, shades and hues than the average human.

Maureen’s ability to see colour differently has created the new range of 24 lipsticks. She has meticulously looked at each shade to refine the colour to it’s purest form. Out of the 24 shades retailing at £17.50, six are limited edition and the rest join MAC’s main collection.

The Liptensity range is the most pigmented lipstick MAC has ever made. It contains double the amount of pigment compared to traditional formulas and the gel base creates a balmy, saturated colour with a natural lasting finish.


After arriving at the event, held in John Lewis, I suddenly realised just how many bloggers reside in Southampton and the surrounding area. I’d arrived ten minutes early and the event was already buzzing. MAC greeted guests with some tasty fresh juices and directed them to where the new lip sticks were displayed.

As the event was already in full swing I decided to hang back a bit. That gave me the opportunity to network and meet some of the Southampton Bloggers I have seen so much about on social media. I really enjoyed meeting some of the other bloggers and wish I’d had time to speak to more of them.

Once the initial furore had died down I headed over to look at the new shades, get some information and try them out. The team at MAC were unbelievably helpful and once I had a full brief from Ryan and Indie about the products and collaboration I was partnered with a make up artist called Connie to help me try out some colours.

A range of the MAC Liptensity shades

All the best beauty bloggers showcase the shades, usually on their arm or on a wheel, but as the event was so busy I decided to focus on four and Connie expertly applied them. I’d love to have tried all the colours, and I will be going back in to try the others properly.

I think that to be able to have a good idea of what the shades look like you need an idea of what my lips look like without anything on them. Here’s the shot of my lips before any lip sticks were applied. Please ignore the very pouty faces!

No lip stick whatsoever!

The first I tried was a nude colour called Driftwood:

MAC Liptensity in Driftwood
MAC Liptensity in Driftwood (close up). Ok, no need to get that close, yes I have make up on, no that’s not a spot. Ok, it’s a spot. 😉

I loved this colour, Driftwood would be easy to wear every day. I felt so sophisticated like I could be sat in The Savoy sipping eloquently from a martini glass. The lip stick itself is balanced so well. It’s balmy without being sticky. My hair often gets in the way and it didn’t stick to my lips once.

The second colour I tried is called Galaxy Grey:

MAC Liptensity in Galaxy Grey
MAC Liptensity in Galaxy Grey (close up)

This is the lip stick I want for the days I want to feel like I’ve got a little attitude, an edge, not the awkwardly clumsy geek I really am. I could see me back combing my hair to death, adding all the black eye liner and pulling on my skinny black jeans and AC DC t-shirt. It has a ‘get me to a festival now, I’m going to start a rebellion’ kind of feel.

It’s a sort of purple, grey. I saw many other people with this shade on and it looked great on everyone that I saw.

The third colour I tried is called Hellebore:

MAC Liptensity in Hellebore
MAC Liptensity in Hellbore (close up)

This power purple made me feel so confident. I never thought I could wear a colour as bold as this (and get away with it!). Instantly I wanted to go out dressed up like a 1950’s siren, with curled hair and a Vivien of Holloway dress. The purple has a certain warmth that others don’t. I think it looks like I’ve kissed an aubergine!

The fourth and final colour I tried is called Gumball:

MAC Liptensity in Gumball
MAC Liptensity in Gumball (close up)

This colour made me feel like I should be driving with the top down on my convertible, cruising along sunset strip in LA, while putting the world to rights with my BFF. It is super girly and a really fun shade.

Gumball is the colour I still have on now four hour hours later and it is still doing really well. The colour is still really bold and it’s not dried out yet. I’d love to keep it on longer to see how it’s doing after six hours and then eight.

MAC make up artist Connie and I
MAC make up artist Connie and I

My make up artist Connie applied each of the shades above. She’s been with MAC for a month and describes it as her dream job.

Connie said: ‘Toast and Butter is my favourite Liptensity colour, it’s a lovely browny nude perfect for my skin tone. I usually mix other lip sticks together to create this shade.’

While we were chatting she pointed out that I’d related each shade to an experience or an emotion. On reflection, and without sounding like a cliche, each lip stick made me feel like a different person. It was so fun to reflect the different parts of my personality with lip colour.

Previously, I’ve always stayed clear of a brighter lip, opting for Myth, a Bridget Bardot beige from MAC’s main lipstick collection. This experience and these colours, with help from Connie, have definitely given me the confidence to try some of these looks in the future.

If you get the chance it would be worth going in to store to see how they look with your skin tone as the pictures really don’t do the colours justice. All the images were taken with my iPhone 6. The camera is very good, but obviously not as good as a professional lens!

Keep your eye out for part three, it will explain what I’ve learnt from a public relations and blogger perspective about my first blogging event.

Many thanks go to Connie from MAC Cosmetics for spending so much time with me. She really made the experience really fun and was so patient with me trying out new looks. Thanks also go to Roisin Newton, assistant manager and Sophie Olive, MAC Southampton’s Instagram chief @team_Southampton for hosting such an exciting event and being extremely helpful.

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