MAC Liptensity launch – part one

Rather than creating one giant blog I’ve broken my experience in to three parts:

Part one – The what, where and why
Part two – The event and Liptensity review
Part three – The top 10 things I learnt from my first blogging event as a blogger

The what, where and why…

MAC Cosmetics is famous for it’s collaborations. Disney, Simpsons, Pamela Anderson, Dita Von Teese, Gareth Pugh and latest addition Ariana Grande are just a few of the partnerships MAC has undertaken. Some are just for fun and others are to raise awareness for serious causes. Their Viva Glam range famously fundraises to support AIDS organisations around the world.

It’s latest collaboration is with Maureen Seaberg. Maureen has a rare genetic eye condition called tetrachromacy, which gives her the ability to see 100 million colours. To put this in perspective the average human can see up to a million colours. The Cut, an American online magazine, has a really interesting interview with her, which you can read here. In this article she tries to explain what and how she sees, giving a fascinating insight in to the broader spectrum of colour and intensity she experiences.

In the past having tetrachromacy has been seen as a visual disadvantage. MAC is keen to turn this opinion around through teaming up with Maureen to create a new range of colour intense lip sticks. By seeing a wider spectrum of shades, hues and tones she can identify new colours not yet named and refine colours to their truest form.

The result is that the Liptensity range is the most pigmented lipstick MAC has ever made. It contains double the amount of pigment compared to traditional formulas and the gel base creates a balmy, saturated colour with a natural lasting finish.

MAC Southampton launched Liptensity today and I got to sample the newest range in a special preview event in John Lewis at West Quay. Keep an eye out for part two which will explain everything about the event and give a review of the new Liptensity products.

Thanks to Ryan and Indie (I hope I got your names right!) at MAC Southampton for taking the time during a very busy event to explain the story behind the new partnership and product. Their passion about Liptensity and for raising awareness of tetrachromacy was very engaging and I couldn’t wait to try out the new lip sticks to see what they were talking about.



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