Love Island – yeah, yeah you’re fit but, my gosh don’t you know it!

Leave it out, I could do without the hassle surrounding what I’m about to announce. I’ve only got room in my life for love and support, ok?

I have finally given in and am watching…Love Island. It’s totally shit, trashy tv gold that has lured me away from Netflix even if it’s just for one hour a night.

In all honesty I was getting bored of not being a part of the conversation or knowing about this popular show. It’s a conversation starter with the most unlikely people and I’m enjoying sharing something popular and topical with my friends.

So, I binged watched all the episodes and now I’m all caught up and watching them daily.

And, the verdict is…I’m hooked. Of course I’m hooked, so and so kissed her after he did what?!  It’s total rubbish, full of faux drama but, I cannot stop watching.

I’m not really aware of the format of the show so it’s all been new to me, and to be honest it is pretty brutal.

In the first episode people are judged completely on their looks and forced into couples and they have to sleep in the same bed. Would I be happy about this? HELL NO.

But, these islanders know the game, they’ve watched the show, they know the score.

The aim is to form fast and firm relationships to become a popular couple to win the prize money. Which may I add is £50,000 and not too shabby for eight weeks of sitting in the sun, dating and flirting while getting five seconds of fame.

This show is about confidence as much as it is about dating, sex and relationships. The confidence of the majority of people on the show is incredible. I’d love to know where they’ve got it from as I could do with a dose of it please.

The show reminds me of the first few series of Big Brother when it was must watch television. The characters and dynamics that formed created a powerfully compelling hook to watch the show. I think part of me also really likes it because I can totally switch off my brain and giggle at the ridiculousness and dramas of dating and wannabe celebrities.

Who else out there is watching Love Island? Are you a big fan, indifferent or a hater?

I want to know all your thoughts about the couples and life and love in the villa? Who do you think will take home the prize money? What’s the favourite moment so far?

Come on spill the goss!


Photo credit – the main blog post photo belongs to Love Island and ITV and is taken from the official press shots for the show. (Sorry I nabbed them off the website ITV, please don’t hate me!)

13 thoughts on “Love Island – yeah, yeah you’re fit but, my gosh don’t you know it!

  1. It’s like the ‘shit but good’ TV – I love it but I know I really shouldn’t do!
    Loathe Adam. Georgia is getting my last nerve. Alex needs to realise Ellie is using his very smart but pale arse. Love Jack & Danny. Xxx

      1. Drama. Drama. Drama. Meghan is the girl you don’t want around your bloke. Don’t trust her and she almost enjoyed Wes hurting her feelings. Evil. Wes will regret this, because Laura was actually a nice bird and Meghan is the devil in Margot Robbies skin suit !

      2. So true. I don’t think she cares for other the other girls at all. I think she should have been up front and honest with Laura and Wes and the group! It all changes so quickly in that house. It must be so awkward!

      3. I know it really does doesn’t it! I genuinely think they all took it far to seriously in the beginning & weren’t being genuine that’s why this has happened. Excited for tonight though 😂😂 fab TV!

    1. Adam is a snake! What a shady boy! I think Eyal isn’t reliable and as snakey as Adam!

      I can’t wait to parents week, I’ve not watched the show before and apparently the parents go in near the end- can you imagine actual Danny Dyer with Jack? I think it will be hilarious!

      The new boy is interesting – loved that he called Adam out! I thought good on him! X

  2. everyody is hooked!!! every nigh i have an hours phone call with my mum discussing eveything thats happened.. i have no idea what I’m going to do once it’s over. And can’t wait to see what Casa Amor brings… more drama ey, especially with Jack’s ex entering.. hope she doesn’t rock his and Dani’s boat

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