Locke’s Coffee & Grub in Jersey

Jersey’s restaurant scene is thriving and a heavy weight punching well above its size is Locke’s Coffee and Grub.

This glass fronted ex-record shop is now an awesome restaurant with a friendly team, incredible coffee and awesome food.

A trip to Jersey isn’t complete if you’ve not visited, and it easily shot to the top of my favourite restaurants on the island.

Discovering Locke’s Coffee & Grub

Despite doing a lot of research initially Locke wasn’t on my list of places to go, I hadn’t seen it listed anywhere. But, I am so glad it revealed itself via a recommendation through some chats with locals when we were on our little ‘coffee crawl’ of St. Helier. Most people do a pub crawl but I do coffee one!

Locke’s Coffee & Grub was a cheeky last day recommendation by the lovely team at Shuga Coffee.

I am SO glad that we changed our lunch plans and went here, as this was one of my favourite restaurants of the trip.


Gorgeous features, and lots of natural materials, lighting features and hanging foliage greets you. Don’t forget a stellar coffee bar serving awesome coffee in biodegradable cups made from plants.

Locke’s is charming, I know this would be a regular hangout for Henry and I if we lived in Jersey. I’m a little gutted that we don’t, it was incredible. I’d definitely hang out here all the time, it’s the perfect place to catch up with friends.

This was the cosy corner where we sat


The menu is a mix of healthy tasty treats that make you want to try everything, it was very hard to pick what I wanted as I’d like to try about 90 percent of dishes.

Henry had ‘The Emperor’ – grilled baby gem, Gran Pedano, achieves, poached egg, chives, sourdough bread ends, sesame, onion and tahini dressing.

I like everything in this meal apart from the anchovies but Henry loved every bit of it. Even he said it’s a shame this wasn’t near where we lived!

I had the ‘Love Me Tender’ – chargrilled tender stem broccoli, burrata cheese, pine nut butter, sourdough, habas fritas and wood sorrel.

It’s such a lovely blend of creamy cheese, crunchy beans and greens, it was so tasty and I appreciated that it was very different to the normal dishes on brunch menus. Each dish was refreshingly different or had a twist on the things you might see every day.

And, don’t get me started on the great names ‘This Muffin ain’t bluffin’ and ‘Avocado good day’ are just a couple of the imaginative names for the meals.

What would I try next time? The Loch Stock & Two Smoking Salmon – smokes salmon, poached eggs, dill, chimmichurri, chilli butter and charred sourdough or the Notorious BLT – a very sexy bacon brioche with parmesan, rocket, tomato and relish.

Where is Locke’s Coffee & Grub?

It’s nice and central on Pitt Street in Charring Cross just off the main high street of St. Helier and a short walk from the beautiful coastline.

We had a lovely long morning reminiscing over our time in Jersey before heading to the ferry terminal to go home. It was a wonderful morning and end to our mini break.

The setting, the food, the coffee – YES Locke, you have totally stolen a place in my heart!

Want to know more, check out Locke’s Coffee & Grub Facebook page.

The mural on the side of the building is a tribute to the old record shop
There’s even a cute picture of the couple e who opened the restaurant with the mural.

2 thoughts on “Locke’s Coffee & Grub in Jersey

  1. Wow this place looks amazing! I visited Jersey a couple of times when I was younger, but it’s maybe been about ten years since I was last there! I really want to go back again sometime

    1. The coffee and foodie scene is insane – I’ve got loads of posts coming out, so keep an eye on them for your next visit! We ate so so well and the coffee – it is excellent. Jersey is like a sexy UK and French baby – all the good things of both! X

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