Launching with a Spark! A new event venue for Southampton

If you’re looking for an event with a spark in Southampton then look no further.

As soon as you walk through the doors ‘the Pod’, a red space age spark, immediately captures your attention as it floats in the centre of the room.

Solent Spark Event 10 dinner set up

Following a £30 million construction The Solent Conference Centre has opened in spectacular style. The Spark building is the newest addition to Southampton City Centre.

At the end of August over 200 guests were treated to a show case of the venue with a garden party themed launch and the chance to see the facilities for the first time.spark sweets

After a picnic dinner guests were invited to explore the new building as the organisers had hidden photo-booths, pick and mix, bubble tea, a speakeasy and other fun things to do in every corner. A Gordon Ramsay look-a-like compered and kept everyone bemused and amused.

This cleverly show cased the space in an extremely engaging manner and it was a delight to see everyone grasping their maps as they excitedly scurried off down corridors and up stairs.

Solent Spark Event 9

In PR, a venue can often make or break an event. Event locations are important. Making a good impression, having a good reputation – these all go a long way in the world of public relations. This new conference centre seems to have the best of everything, large exhibition spaces, full sized lecture theatres, meetings rooms, small snugs, open galleries and a deli. Having the memorable ‘Pod’ gave everyone a talking point and it was refreshing to come away from a preview having had a thoroughly great evening.

If you’re ever in Southampton, or work there, go and peak your head through the door. It would give ‘the wow factor’ and make a great base for such a wide range of events.




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