Kylie Jenner leverages birth for maximum PR

Kylie Jenner has finally broken her social media silence with an 11 minute video containing footage from the past nine months of her pregnancy.

In 24 hours the video has over 29 and a half million views and is a lesson in leveraging your personal life to enhance your public persona and business endeavours.

The big reveal that the young star had given birth came on Super Bowl Sunday and momentarily stole the spotlight from the major sporting event.

Keeping such a low radar for nine months is pretty spectacular when Kylie normally uses social media constantly to self-promote.

Kylie has built her empire off the back of modelling, reality television and creating a cometic company that’s rumoured to be valued at over £400 million dollars.

Also it’s impressive that her friends and family managed to keep the secret for the entire time. It’s very rare this happens in a world full of cameras and social media.

For such a big PR machine I’d love to know the details behind what went into keeping it a secret. It can’t have been easy that’s for sure – think about all of those NDAs!

The video has clearly been carefully crafted and gives fans a long awaited glimpse into Kylie’s journey over the past year.

It also provides some valuable inspiration to PR professionals looking to help craft a band, product or persona.

If you haven’t seen the video and are interested you can see it below.

Of course it’s the number one trending video on YouTube and lots of people have been writing about it including:

One of my favourite articles is called from The Independent called ‘Why you shouldn’t be cynical about Kylie Jenner’s decision to keep her pregnancy private’.

It’s my favourite because it talks about fans being more engaged than ever despite being refused information from the most accessible family in the world. Even when fans are shut out they still are interested when the information comes!

My favourite sentence is the last one ‘Perhaps for the family famous for sharing everything, not letting us in on this pregnancy has been the golden ticket to ensuring that we are all, still, keeping up with the Kardashians.’

It’s nailed everything this video stands for in one line – brilliant!

New Statesman also has a brilliant analytical article called ‘Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy film and the public performance of privacy’.

“You may hate the Kardashians with the fire of a thousand Kimoji-branded lighters, but regardless: the video is a vivid example of the most in-vogue strategies of celebrity brand management. It professes intimacy both verbally and in its lo-fi, analogue aesthetics, using a Nineties home video style to draw parallels between Jenner’s pregnancy and videos of her own birth in 1997. It toes a fine line between aspirational and relatable: showing off Jenner’s impossibly glamorous baby shower one minute, broadcasting self-deprecating asides about her enormous appetite and weight gain the next. It sits on the fence of social conservative: Jenner is a 20-year-old, unmarried, millionaire businesswoman, but the video suggests her ultimate purpose in life is motherhood,” says Anna Leszkiewicz, pop culture writer for New Statesman.

The video, it’s timing and content have all re-engaged the Kardashian fanbase and fuelled more people to take a look at what all the fuss is about.

Love them or hate them – what’s your thoughts on Kylie’s silence throughout her pregnancy and the video she has released? Will this change how other celebrities manage their pregnancies? Should a pregnancy be leverage for PR? What are your thoughts?

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