The #KitForYourTrip Christmas Gift Guide 2020

The #KitForYourTrip Christmas Gift Guide 2020 is here to help you find the best and most useful travel products to gift.

Lots of these gift ideas will make great suggestions for avid travellers and people spending time outdoors. There’s nothing quite like a useful and thoughtful gift. Plus, all of these items can be found online, to make shopping in the middle of a pandemic that little bit easier.

Here’s some of my favourite bits of kit to inspire your gift giving this year.

The #KitForYourTrip Christmas Gift Guide 2020

I’ve actually have the majority of the items on this list so you can consider them tried and tested and handy when out on adventures.

These are in alphabetical order for fairness and cover a range of outdoor activities and budgets.


Aeropress Go

Know someone who loves coffee and walking? The new travel Aeropress Go means you don’t have to sacrifice good coffee while out exploring.

One of these will allow the recipient to sit on top of that hill and enjoy their favourite brew. Very snazzy when there’s no independent coffee shop in sight. I really enjoy a decent hot drink when you’ve reached a good lookout point or when you’ve arrived back at the car with a snack before travelling home.

The Aeropress Go is compact, fits snugly in the mug and is much smaller and lightweight. Hello good hikes and good coffee.

I have the original Aeropress but this is much more suited to travelling and the outdoors.

Also useful, a Jetboil travel stove. A few of my friends have these and they come highly recommended and will brew your coffee or cook your food in record time. Fancy.

Kit for your trip - Bex wearing an Original Buff

Buff Headwear

Read my post ‘THE ORIGINAL BUFF‘ to find out much more detail about this versatile bit of kit.

Is it a scarf, a hat, a mask, a headband, a hair band? Oh wait, it’s all of those things. This clever looped piece of material can act as a lot of different pieces of head and face wear.

There are also versions to block wind, UV and thermal ones to help keep you warm.

I’ve got so many of these and they always come in useful especially on trips, when I go running, walking or paddle boarding.

It’s really light and folds away small and is useful to throw in your bag when you’re not sure what the weather will be like. I’ve been gifted these and gifted them too and they’ve always gone down a treat!

Bex from Bright Lights Big City in her Long Sleeve dryrobe sat on the beach looking out at St Michael's Mount.


A long sleeve dry robe is the ultimate for people who do outdoor sports. The oversized coat allows you to get changed without exposing yourself and is waterproof and windproof helping you warm up quickly. ‘Get dry, stay warm’ is the slogan and it does what it says on the tin.

Particularly useful for watersports and any people doing outdoor events, this is an excellent gift!

I have used my dryrobe a ridiculous amount since investing it and now I would not be without one. It’s even useful when you’re travelling for cold, wet days and has got me out of many tricky situations when the weather’s turned in Cornwall.

The coat is so convenient that I even throw it on for the morning dog walk. Not having to worry about being chilly now there is a frost in the morning is brilliant.

Read more about the ‘LONG SLEEVE DRYROBE‘ to find out much more about this changing robe.


Keep Cup

Particularly stylish in glass and cork, stainless steel or plastic in fun bright colours, a Keep Cup is a reusable drinks cup inspiring the world to reduce and reuse. The Keep Cup is the Queen of reusable cups.

The brand’s story fills me with hope. The aim is to drive behavioural change through good design and style. Trust the Australians to come up with such a concept. It’s origins are in the coffee capital Melbourne born from a siblings desire to stop waste and help the planet.

Read their story on their website, it’s a powerful one and I find it really inspiring.

My beautiful Keep Cup goes with me everywhere and has saved countless plastic cups from heading to landfill. My favourite part is you can design your own and pick the size and colour of every element. I know these will make an awesome gift, as well as being beneficial to reducing plastic consumption.

I’m really tempted by the new holiday collection myself, those stunning red tones inspired by nature are so pretty.

Lonely Planet's Ultimate UK Travelist, the top 500 experiences in the UK, ranked

Lonely Planet

You can’t have all the kit of your trip and not know where you’re going now, can you?

While there’s plenty of travel inspiration online there’s nothing quite like sitting down with a book.

You’re probably well aware Lonely Planet doesn’t just produce country guides but also has a wide range of travel books including rankings of best places to go in each country, travel astrology and a range of children’s books.

Lonely Planet’s Ultimate UK Travelist is a brilliant gift to help someone who loves travel explore closer to home. You could even offer to take the person to one of the places on the list too if you really want to make it extra special.

My copy is now well thumbed and I’ve even marked off all the places I’ve visited and am working on ticking a few more off.

Osprey Day Pack

I’m low key obsessed with Osprey. Since discovering them many years ago every major bag I’ve bought for travelling has been an Osprey.

They’re very reliable and hardwearing and their designs are well thought through which really shows when you use them. I have four of their bags already and use them regularly.

If you know someone who is doing a lot more walking during the pandemic, then one of their day packs would be a very nice gift.

The Arcane Tote Pack and Arcane Roll Top are a great choice for adventuring around cities, museums and busy days where you don’t know where the day might end up. I’m eyeing up the Arcane Tote for adventuring next year and woodland walks because as soon as we’re allow I’m off exploring!


For all day hikes and days exploring with a map, take a look at the Tempest range for women and Archeon or Talon range for men. They come in multiple sizes, so you can decide what works best for you and the kit you take with you on hikes. In addition to the ones shown below there’s also a 60l and a 16l.


Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

Handy for foraging, cutting plasters and getting out splinters on the go! I’ve had my trusty tiny purple Victorinox Swiss Army Knife since I was 15 and gone through the Duke of Edinbrough Awards and every trip I’ve been on including going around Australia.

Mine was a gift from my Mum and I’ll never forget the tag she wrote ‘Everyone should have one of these, it will get you out of all sorts of pickles!’. As always she was right, and it’s been on many an adventure


It’s 5.8cm of usefulness and makes a wonderful and useful gift. All different types are available, so you can pick one with tools that might suit their activities.

The #KitForYourTrip Christmas Gift Guide 2020

These are all pieces of kit I have found very useful and used time and time again. I hope the #KitForYourTrip Christmas Gift Guide 2020 helps you with your gift hunting or help you come up with other ideas.

Teaming one of these items with a walk or trip to use it to make it extra special. Good luck with your shopping this year!

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