Jane Devonshire brings a south east touch to Marks and Spencer’s best ever burger

Jane Devonshire, the winner of Masterchef 2016, has put a south east surf and turf twist on the newly launched best ever burger from Marks and Spencer.

Recently I was invited to a summer soiree to meet Jane, discover the new summer food collection and try the burger with the big claims!

Here are the ingredients, the ‘Best Ever Surf & Turf Rosti Burger’ recipe and my tips for making it all to come together if you’d like to try it at home*.

These burgers would make a great summer dinner party dish and level up your standard BBQ with a bit of finesse.

Marks and Spencer's best ever burger
Marks and Spencer’s best ever surf and turf rosti burger

M&S have enlisted the help of several chefs across the UK to create an ultimate burger topping for the retailer’s new best ever burger. Each chef reflects a certain region and aims to draw inspiration from the local area to create a topping to showcase the best regional flavours and produce.

By now, you know I love food, cooking and eating it of course, so this partnership with Marks and Spencer is so up my street! The kind folk at M&S treated me to all the ingredients so I could try re-creating Jane’s burger creation at home. Challenge accepted!

The ingredients!

Want to have a go at making that burger too? Here’s what you need…

🍔4 x M&S Best Ever Burgers
🥔375g Charlotte potatoes
🦐100g crayfish tails
🦐100g shrimp
🐄25g butter
🌱80g watercress
🍶125g mayonnaise
🍴freshly ground black pepper
💦splash rapeseed or other flavorless oil
🍋squeeze lemon juice
🥚4 x free range eggs
🍞4 x ultimate burger buns
🌊sea salt

Getting prepared to make Marks and Spencer’s best ever burger!


Just so you know I’ve adapted the recipe with some helpful cooking tips as there were definitely a few little hints missing that would have been useful. I always write in my cookery books though and I have my Mum’s old Delia recipe book which is completely adorned with her tiny scribbles full of extra advice and what to look out for.

Make the watercress mayonnaise by blitzing in a blender 40gm of the watercress with 125gm mayonnaise and a splash lemon juice. (Finely chop and mix if no blender) – do this first and pop in the fridge to chill until needed.

I also grated some zest into the sauce – it added that extra lemony zing to the sauce!

Grate the potatoes and squeeze as much water as you can out using a tea towel until the potato is quite dry – place in a bowl and set aside until later.

Grating the potato

Chop the crayfish tails to the size of the shrimp and combine with potato and shrimp. Season well with sea salt and black pepper – set rosti mix aside.

We also shaped them before placing each rosti in the frying pan

Place the burgers onto the grill (or into a pan!) and cook according to the packet instructions.

Cooking the burgers

Heat a frying pan with the butter and oil until the butter is frothy but not spitting

Split the rosti mixture into 4 equal portions and drop them into the frying pan. Using your spatula, shape until they are roughly the size of the burger buns and similar thickness

Gently fry the rosti until a deep golden brown then using a spatula.  Leave these for as long as possible, the potato will bind together but it takes time! So don’t rush turning it over. Once it binds, carefully turn over and repeat the process until you have four crispy potatoes cakes.

About five minutes from the burgers and roost being ready fry the eggs to your preference, lightly toast the burger buns, spread the watercress mayo over the bottom half of the burger bun and add a sprig of fresh watercress. You’re then ready for when the burgers and rosti are fully cooked.

Place the burger on top followed by the rosti, the fried egg and the bun top. Then eat with both hands and a cheeky beverage!

Stack that burger high – you should need two hands to eat this beast of a burger! No filter on this picture just
A cheeky beverage to cool off with – most welcome in the heatwave I can assure you!
Yes this has a filter on it but the mayo really was a very bright green!

The burger is big, tasty and very filling. A runny egg is a nice contrast to the crispy rosti and a fantastic addition to the meaty burger. I really like Jane’s recipe and it was lovely to cook something different during the week. Give this recipe a go – it’s not difficult and the flavours are banging!

Marks and Spencer’s summer food range is in full swing and there’s loads of new additions to the food hall. Go have a look at what you could add to the best ever burger!

A huge thanks to M&S for this wicked collaboration, this came on the right evening just as my chap was away with work for a week. We had a lovely last evening together cooking and stuffing our faces with delicious food. We definitely spent our last night together well! 😉 #spenditwell

We’ve since bought these again and topped them with some M&S stinky cheese. YAS!

P.S. I have to address my Percy Pig addiction. I don’t know about you but I never walk out of M&S without Percy Pigs. However, I didn’t know there’s now so many different types of Percys to try. NEW PERCYS PEOPLE, THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Globetrotting Percys, Penny and Percy get married Percys, Percy and friends, reversy Percys, different expression Percys and mini baby Percys. Oh yeah, and Colin the Caterpillar fizzy things which are just out of this world.


*Gift ingredients from Marks and Spencer’s PR team – however, as always, all opinions are my own, otherwise what’s the point?!


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