J West Christmas Trees in Titchfield

ᵃᵈ J West Christmas Trees in Titchfield is a family run Christmas tree farm right in the heart of Hampshire.

The farm grows and sells a festive mix of freshly cut and potted trees of all sizes and varieties from Nordmann Firs to Norway Spruces.

Jimmy invited me to go Christmas tree shopping at the farm and it was the best early Christmas present a gal could receive.

Discover this charming Christmas tree farm with me…

Bex at J West Christmas Trees in Titchfield, Hampshire

J West Christmas Trees

A warm welcome from the family and plenty of help picking the right tree – that’s exactly what you want on your hunt to find ‘THE ONE’. That’s what I call my tree when I’ve found exactly the right shape and size.

I’m quite fussy so I like to get them all out and make sure it’s a good shape, isn’t patchy or one sided.

Yes, I’m a hard Christmas tree nut to crack but I’ve not quite reached the Mariah ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ Carey diva status… yet! But, I do like to get it right, a tree is in or outside your home for a month or more and is the focal point of your celebrations.

I picked a potted tree to go outside my front door, it’s a beautiful shape and quite bushy. I can’t wait to put it in place and decorate it with some lights. I’ll be sure to share a picture through my Instagram account.

J West Christmas Tree Supplier in Titchfield, Hampshire

Behold the tree tunnel!

At J West Christmas tree farm the team has made a brilliant weather proof tunnel with holding pens for each size and type of tree. It’s well lit, covered and in size order so you can easily shop.

Well organised tree shopping is so less stressful and the tunnel means you can even visit in the rain.

Earlier in the season, at the end of the tunnel, the woodland was filled with trees and lit up with lights that changed to music. But, they sold so many trees so quickly there’s only a couple left in this area. I’m not sure my pictures do it any justice but at least it will give you some idea.

Good news is that next year, hopefully when the pandemic is under control, they’ll be putting on a big winter wonderland real tree buying experience. And, yes I’ve already bookmarked my spot to be one of the first visitors.

J West Christmas Trees in Titchfield, Hampshire

Getting the tree home

At the farm, once you’ve picked your tree, they’ll net it and put it in the car for you. If, like me, you have a little car, you can go and pick your tree and then you can still arrange delivery.

Equally, you can order one and if you live within 3 miles they’ll deliver for free and then there’s a tiered cost system for delivery the further from the farm you are.

They also offer same day delivery till 10pm, subject to availability.

Delivery costs:
3 Miles : Free Delivery
4 Miles  : £2.50 Delivery
5 Miles  : £5 Delivery
6 Miles  : £7.50 Delivery
7 Miles  : £10 Delivery
8 Miles-15 Miles: Price on application

Where to find J West Christmas Tree Farm

Thornton, Brownwich Ln, Titchfield, Fareham PO14 4NY

J West Christmas Tree Farm is easy to find and conveniently located a short distance from the M27.

If you’re local to Titchfield, Fareham, Locksheath, Hamble, Bursledon and even Portsmouth and Southampton, this is a very easy place to pick up a real Christmas tree.

Jimmy also offers a year round special cut service. This is great if you’re looking for a tree at a less conventionally festive time of year or need to decorate a commercial space earlier. They also have a range of trees well over eight foot if you’re looking for a really big feature tree.

Contact j.westxmastrees@gmail.com or give Jimmy a call on 07792 349 130.

Opening Times

J West Christmas Tree Farm is open Monday to Friday 9am-7pm and on the weekends 9am – 6pm.

It’s such a relief to find somewhere you can go after work. When you’re running low on time over the festive season being able to make the most of the week nights is key.

The Christmas Cabin at J West Christmas Trees in Titchfield, Hampshire

Christmas Cabin

They even have a cabin full of Christmas tree decorations and outdoor decorations. They stock useful things too like those wicker rings that hide your tree stand. I’ve been hunting for one of these for ages so I must remember to head back and pick one up.

J West Christmas Trees in Titchfield, Hampshire

Alongside selling real Christmas trees, they also offer a selection of stands and bases for displaying your tree. And, they even have wall brackets – why yes, I am tempted to buy one of these for the house! I’m such a big kid at Christmas and just want my house to be at Christmassy as possible.

In the festive cabin they also run socially distanced ‘in your household bubble’ wreath classes, which still can be booked directly through Charlotte’s Crafty Cottage Instagram account via direct message.

J West Christmas Tree Farm

Let’s face it 2020 has been tough, so when Jimmy invited me to come and pick a tree it was just the festive boost I needed.

An evening of pure Christmas spirit chased my Scrooge feelings away and was a wonderful mid week pick me up.

While I’ve labelled this as an ad, Jimmy invited me to come and pick a tree and asked for nothing in return. I think it’s a great local family business and want to share and support the farm and family.

J West Christmas Tree Supplier still has real trees available to buy. If you decide to buy one from here you’ll be supporting a local business and a locally grown tree. No air miles, amazing local produce and supporting the Hampshire community.

Visit the J West Christmas Tree Supplier Website

A big thank you to the family team at Jimmy’s for a charming tree buying experience.

J West Christmas Trees in Titchfield, Hampshire
Thank you J West Christmas Tree Farm!

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