It’s Christmas party time!

Today’s the day of the office Christmas party. I’m quickly checking in with a quick natter before I’m off to stuff my face with a turkey dinner.

I’m so excited to he heading out for some delicious food and drink to toast a great year at Lee Peck Media.

I really love our Christmas party because it’s so much fun, we play quizzes and always have such a giggle.

We go for dinner and cocktails somewhere really nice and it’s such a treat, a real luxury way to end the year.

I never used to like Christmas parties as they always felt forced but, I look forward to this one with my team every year.

Plus, it’s the only Christmas dinner I’m going to be having this year as we’ll be in Kuala Lumpur and Australia. So I need to make the most of all the delicious food before I trade it in for a silver foil dish 30,000 feet up! Chicken or beef madam!

It’s going to be the perfect send off before we head to Heathrow to catch our flight!

Have you had your Christmas party? What did you do? What did you eat? Did you do something you shouldn’t have with someone you shouldn’t have?! Come on, dish the dirt, share your stories with me!


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