Italian Coffee at Rod & Ruby’s in Bristol

Looking for a strong cup of coffee in Bristol? Want to support a local independent?

Head to Rod & Ruby’s down Cathedral Walk in the Harbourside area of Bristol.

It’s a great place to grab a drink on the walk into work, sitting watching the big screen in the square or while sightseeing and exploring the city.

I spent a couple of mornings getting my first brew from Rod & Ruby’s including lattes, delicious flat whites and strong shots of espresso from the moka pot!

If you’re local to the area you’ll be more familiar with the building as the marketing office for the residential development nearby.

But, owners Emily Vigni and director Lorenzo Palchetti have transformed the space. It’s clear their Italian influence and charm have made this one cosy corner of Bristol to hang out in.

Glass counters supported by beautifully polish tree trunks combine to make a striking counter and flowers hang from the ceiling throughout the whole cafe.

I mean look at how incredible those bits of wood are – it really gives the space some character and creates a different look to the many commercial chains we’ve all become so used to.

The rest of the cafe has a clever layout making us of the long narrow building. There’s also an outside seating bit which is a real sun spot come midday.

I love people watching so I think the row of seats that look out the window so you can watch people go by is genius. If I had more time I’d have definitely spent some here watching the world go by.

And, the cakes, I mean just look at that counter. I don’t know how I resisted it when I went – I’ll have to go back!

Rod & Ruby’s a great little independent spot for drinks and snacks and the coffee was a fantastic find. There’s nothing worse than being in a new city for a few days and not being able to find a decent coffee!

This will definitely be on my list to go back and one of those Cannolis has definitely got my name on it!

Headed to Bristol? Let me know if you decide to stop by Rod & Ruby’s and what you think!

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