I got Lush in my bag – SWAG! The Lush limited edition swag pop-up in Poole

I got Lush in my bag, SWAG!

The Lush headquarters in Poole have recently been transformed into a pop-up shop full of limited edition ethically sourced swag!

It’s on for a very limited time only and the swag is exclusive to the store.

I went down for a visit and took loads of snaps so you can have a nose around! Come and take a peek…

After a fun road trip down to Poole I walked through the crowds of the Poole Harbour Boat Show and found the entrance to Lush.

Come on in to the Lush pop- up at Dolphin Quay!

I only found out about the pop-up a week before while I was scrolling through Twitter. I couldn’t believe we’d be there for another event at the same time it was on. These happy coincidences never happen to me so I was absolutely going to haul ass to get there.

What I didn’t realise was that this is their actual head office, where a special creation lab is, where the designers work and where it all happens of course! This only dawned on me as I walked up the stairs and saw the converted office space.

The entrance to Lush HQ in Poole!

As we walked in we were literally in the break out space where people have lunch and get away from their desks. It’s a gorgeous area with wall to ceiling glass so there’s plenty of natural light.

Welcome to Lush Studio Quay!

Lush had filled the space with tall black frames filled with limited edition swag – think ethically sourced cotton t-shirts and jumpers with prints and patches with important social or environmental issues being represented on them.

The issues are things that are close to the principles Lush stand for, are built on and want to promote. Animal testing, conservation and the reduction of plastic consumption to save our oceans are all prominent topics featured in the designs on the swag.

I got hot sauce in my bag, swag!
The main shopping area
Tote bags and jumpers!

If you can’t get down to Poole, bag yourself some Lush swag on the website – some of it’s the same but the majority it completely different to the pop-up!

All the swag was limited edition so you can’t get the prints anywhere else!

Lush had also made a limited edition jelly bath bomb called Turtle and I’m absolutely gutted I didn’t pick one of these up. They were so cute – what was I thinking?! I wasn’t, what an idiot!

The website gives a great description about this product and for your reference agar agar is a form of seaweed so it’s totally natural and not going to hurt our environment. You might also remember agar from chemistry and biology lessons at school!

The limited edition Turtle jelly bath bomb
How cute is Turtle? I have serious buyers regret that I didn’t pick one of these up!

The t-shirts were awesome and there were three I had my eye on, in the end I picked the one in the middle that says ‘Be More Pacific’. Of course I wished I’d picked up all three. The fit is really good and the sleeves are the perfect roll up length – winner! Also, the cotton is really good quality and very soft. I stood there  rubbing the sleeve in the shop thinking about how nice it felt when I realised I’d turned into my Mum. (Lucky she’s rad! 😉)

These were my favourite t-shirts from the many prints available
Patches with cute logos were a definite highlight of the pop-up!

What was in my bag as I walked out of the door? These little gems…

How good are these patches?! Attenborough is my fave, he’s the first one I picked up and whatever I stitch him onto he’ll be pride of place!

So, the folks at Lush are incredibly friendly, we got chatting and ended up on a private tour of HQ.

I wasn’t able to take pictures but I will tell you that, as you’d expect, it was pretty amazing, the floor to ceiling windows continued all the way through and everything was so dynamic, no stale office environment there.

It also had a lovely atmosphere, and apparently you’re encouraged to get away from your desk and work wherever makes you happy. I’m sure that’s within reason but it sounds pretty ace to me.

There’s loads of funny puns on the wall and even the store cupboard is called the Room of Requirement – cue all Harry Potter fans screaming ‘I FEEL YOU LUSH!’ – it is of course full of all those nice touches and attention to detail which makes your heart sing. It looks like an incredible place to work.

I think I left my heart by the record player, there’s a library in the same place too. The owners of Lush also have a record label and so there was a whole section of records you could sit and listen to. This is my kind of place!

I did sneak a selfie in the toilets though. Yes, I did take a toilet photo, I’m the coolest thank you very much. Ie took the photo because the toilets were decorated beautifully (think scaffolding pipes, chunky wood shelves and on trend tiles! Get on my Pinterest you beauty!) and the amount of Lush products you could try was mental. I think I was stood there for a good five minutes trying out different products.

Big up the toilet selfie!

We don’t get many cool pop-ups like this happen down south, they are definitely a rarity. London you swine! But, when they do they’re awesome and I am so glad Lush decided to do this in Poole to bring some variety to the sunny south coast.

I’ve only recently got into Lush but, the more I learn the more I like the ethos behind the brand and the people that created it.

Fancy getting your hands on some Lush swag?

There’s only one day left to visit, so you better be quick if you want to catch it!

Screen shot on 14 June 2018 – just in case you read this in the future!

P.S. Puuuurrrrleassseee tell me you get that Beyonce reference at the start, if you do, I know we’d get on famously.

NOT AN AD – this is all me. My opinions as always, otherwise what’s the point?!

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